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(1931) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Gerald C. Wheeler - Tema: Russia
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the son pined away, grew melancholy, and in three
years was dead.
When peace had been made in Paris on the
3Oth of March, 1856, Russia could again set about
the conquest of the Caucasus in earnest, and this
time in even greater strength. Prince Baryatinsky
was made commander-in-chief and viceroy in the
Caucasus (22nd of July, 1856). For ShamyPs
people the rest had not been long enough to heal
the deep wounds of war ; there was not a family
but had lost men. They were war-weary; and
during the time of inaction there was no shining
deed of arms, no great victory over the foe, to stir
their lives anew. Moreover, the people were mur
muring louder and louder at ShamyPs tyrannical
rule and his cruelty, which made themselves espe
cially felt in peace-time. Many, therefore, were
quite ready to go over to the Russians, if only they
could trust to their protecting them against the
mighty and much-feared imam; and, curiously
enough, the Crimean War had very greatly in
creased the mountain peoples’ respect for the power
of Russia. An empire which had been able to
stand up against mighty Turkey and the still
mightier Western Powers without being destroyed,
was one which it was hopeless for them to fight
against, while on the other hand it could defend
them. Thus many fell away one by one from Shamyl
and went over to the Russians. His attempt to come
to an understanding with the tribes in the north
west Caucasus came to naught.
While the Russians all the time could be sending

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