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(1931) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Gerald C. Wheeler - Tema: Russia
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and clasped and kissed him as a friend. Shamyl,
who had feared retaliation for the cruelty he had
so often shown towards Russian prisoners, was
deeply touched, andwas overwhelmedwith gratitude
for this magnanimity. In the evening a great ball
was given for him; but when he and his Murids
saw the ladies’ dresses and the way they exposed
themselves, they were dismayed, turned away, and
started praying. That gentlemen and ladies should
embrace one another before everyone and dance
together was beyond their understanding.
He was assigned the little town of Kaluga, south
west of Moscow, as his abode. A good and roomy
house was built there for him and his family—
three wives and sons and daughters—and the Tsar
granted him a yearly pension of 10,000 silver
roubles. Shamyl was deeply grateful for the kind
ness shown him. In 1870 he was granted leave to
make the pilgrimage to Mecca; from there he
went to Medina, dying here in 1871, seventy-four
years old.
When Shamyl had been tåken prisoner there was
none left who could gather the Lesghis and Chechens
to fight the Russians, and the whole of Daghestan
and Chechnia made its submission. The Russian
forces were thereby set free on this front, and could
now be concentrated against the north-western
Caucasus, where the Abkhasians and the Circassian
or Cherkess tribes (the Adigheb) were still defending
themselves with the utmost heroism.
Shamyl had often tried to get these tribes to join
him and his cause. His difficulty was that his own

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