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(1931) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Gerald C. Wheeler - Tema: Russia
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also gave his adherence, and joined it as a member.
When the armistice was concluded in December
1918, the Turks marched away; the British anny
came from Persia to Daghestan, and supported
Denikin, who sent a part of his anny there. Uzun
Hadji fought against him, but Gochinsky refused
to move against the White Russians.
In June 1919 Denikin was very strong in Dagh
estan, and officially Gochinsky was working along
with him. Uzun Hadji, however, who had become
Emir of North Caucasia under the protectorate of
the Sultan of Turkey, became estranged from
Gochinsky, and went on fighting against Denikin.
Then the Turks under Nuri Pasha came to Azer
baidjan, and afterwards to Daghestan ; they fought
both Denikin and the Red army. This last steadily
grew stronger, and as in the spring of 1920 it was
håving success on the north, Nuri Pasha sought to
join forces with Denikin. He was unsuccessful, how
ever, and withdrew. Meanwhile Uzun Hadji died,
and his monarchy came to an end. The White
anny also left Petrovsk and marched to Baku, and
the Red anny took the whole of Daghestan.
Then the Autonomous Soviet-Socialist Republic
(A.S.S.R.) of Daghestan was set up with internal
Chechnia became an Autonomous District, as
also did Kabardia, and the Districts of the Adhigeb
and the Circassians; to a certain extent they have
internal self-government. Abkhasia became a Soviet-
Socialist Republic (S.S.R.) united with Georgia.

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