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(1931) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Gerald C. Wheeler - Tema: Russia
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Wc had now finished with the museum (p. 113 f.),
and after this flight into the dead and gone romance
of these mountain valleys, wc were brought back
with ajolt to everyday life, as from the cool museum
wc stepped out into the burning sun to drive to the
cotton-mill. It is one ofthe most important industrial
undertakings here ; and seemed to be worldng very
well, with skilled workmen. Each day 20,000 arshin
(== 14,224 metres) of cotton-stuff are woven, and
this is made in part from cotton grown in Daghestan.
When the mill was built in 1921 without any
subvention from Moscow, it had 700 workers.
In 1924 their number was 560. Among the other
industrial undertakings in this town special men
tion may be made of a factory for preserving the
wonderful Daghestan fruit. Wc were given many
samples of its products, which are exported ; they
were extraordinarily good, and will undoubtedly
find a wide market. Then wc drove up to the great
reservoir with the new canal, which brings water
from the stream running down from the mountains
a little west of the town. From this reservoir the
town now gets its drinking-water, which is cleaned
in a great filter. But the canal brings so much that
a great part of it can be used for irrigation. ;> i
Makhach Kala lies on a plain which runs back
from four to ten kilometres from the shore up to
the foot of the steep mountain slopes. To the north

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