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(1931) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Gerald C. Wheeler - Tema: Russia
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By draining this would be greatly remedied, but
besides that a methodical fight would have to be
made against the sickness. In this way the people’s
health and power of work would be raised to a far
higher level.
Here, as in many places in these lowlands, wc
saw small open sleeping-places on high pillars,
with a sloping or ridged roof, thatched with rushes
or grass. In these they slept at night to get away
from the gnats, and also it was cooler and airier
there than in the houses, which became heated by
the sun in the daytime. In some places wc also
saw cradles hung up under the same high roofs on
pillars, and in them the children lay in the fresh air,
safe and well against crawling and flying insects.
Restored by a meal under some shady spreading
trees in the courtyard, wc drove on. As wc came
down the great avenue, now overgrown, from the
estate, Korkmazov told me of the magnificence and
hospitality shown here by the princes in bygone
days. A stranger coming there would always find
hospitality, and could stay on for days at a time;
horses, weapons, and dogs were at his disposal for
taking part in sport, and there was good sport of
many kinds both in the lowland and up in the
mountains : wild boar, pheasants, quail, deer, and
others—a glorious country for the sportsman.
The rough road led up and down over the plain
towards the coast; wc drove fast in our carriage,
and were well jolted the whole way. Our destination
now was the big new glass-works, built near the
railway at a spot where gas comes up out of the

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