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(1931) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Gerald C. Wheeler - Tema: Russia
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once gave one of the men standing around an order
to fetch it. They would smile, and if anything was
really wanted, a messenger was sent for it. He
stood there on the look-out down the road, and for
him it never seemed to come quickly enough. He
bitterly complained that his people did not always
at once do his bidding; it was not so easy to carry
on the government under such conditions, and
much went wrong.
After wc had been here a long time I saw two
ladies in European clothes with some followers
walking up the road that led by the spring. I was
surprised to see tourists here, for wc had not met
any as yet; but now it turned out to be the wives
of the two Presidents. They were cordially greeted,
and Quisling and I were introduced to Mrs.
Korkmazov, an exceedingly lovely and young
woman, of whose existence wc had not thought,
although wc lived side by side on the same floor
in the President’s house. The ladies now stopped,
were given carpets to sit on, and became the objects
ofmuch attentiveness, especially from "the general".
This day there was to be a wedding with dancing
in the town ; I wanted to see it and wc went down
again. As wc men were taking leave of the ladies,
"the general" with European, or perhaps Eastern,
chivalry asked whether he should not stay behind
to protect them.
Unfortunately the wedding was all over when
wc came down; but the dancing on the square
before the mosque was still going on. The music
was the accordion, and there was always a man

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