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(1931) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Gerald C. Wheeler - Tema: Russia
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brought to mmd, whom the Khan Nutsal of
Avaria summoned to him. But when the dreaded
Khochbar came to Khunsakh as guest, and was
received by the khan, six men threw themselves on
him and bound him.
"On the long hill-side of Khounzakh they made
such a blaze that the very rock grew red-hot
beneath it. They brought Khotchbar to the fire;
they brought to it his gallant bay steed; they
slaughtered it with their swords; they broke in
twain his sharp-pointed spear, and threw the pieces
into the flames—the hero winked never an eye.
"’Come now, Khotchbar, sing us something;
it is said thou art a master of song. Play us some
what on the lime-wood cithern; it is said thou
playest well.’
" ’Well indeed can I sing ; but my mouth is gagged.
Well indeed can I play; but my hands are bound.’
"The young men cried out that Khotchbar should
be loosed ; but the old men said : ’Wolf-deeds wc
fear from a wolf.5
"The young men had their way; the hero was
" ’Listen now, men of Khounzakh; I will sing
you a song; and thou, O Khan, interrupt me not.’
(He sings to the cithern.)
Who but I clambered in through your window, and carried
off the silk trousers of your favourite wife? Who but I took
the silver bracelets from the white arms of your complacent
sisters? Who but I cut the throat of your tame Tour? l
1 Mountain goat, capra caucasica.

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