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(1931) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Gerald C. Wheeler - Tema: Russia
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The Fisheries
Wc had received a strong impression of the great
importance of the fisheries for the people here.
Tåken all together, the huge quantities of fish of
different kinds that are caught during the year (but
mostly in the spring and early summer) in the Volga
delta and the shallows outside it, only a few metres
deep, make up something which is unparalleled.
Along with the vobla fishery mentioned above,
the herring fishery here at the mouth of the Volga
is the greatest and most important. The Caspian
species of herrings or "May fish" belong to a
specific genus, Caspialosa, standing near the genus
Alosa, to which belongs the largest species of
herring, the prototype of the herring (Alosa vulgaris,
Cuv.), running up to 60 centimetres. It is found
along the shores of Europe, and goes up the rivers
to spawn ; most of the Caspian species of herring
do the same, or anyhow they go up into the fresh
water in or off the Volga delta.
The most important species for the fishery is the
Volga herring (Caspialosa volgensis). 1 This migrates
in a body up into the Volga delta at the beginning
of May to spawn in May and June ; the passage
lasts five to seven days, during which the fishing is
mainly carried on, often with huge catches. It comes
in great numbers right up to Stalingrad (Tsaritsin),
1 As to this and the following species, cp. A. Behning, op. eit., pp. 78 ff

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