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(1931) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Gerald C. Wheeler - Tema: Russia
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There is still another variety of salmon, the
Caspi-Black Sea salmon (Salmo trutta labrax), in
the Caspian, near akin to our salmon-trout ; it is
found mostly in the more southerly parts of the sea,
and goes up the rivers along the west coast between
Terek and Sefid-Rud in Persia. Occasionally it
comes up the Volga along with the white salmon;
it is generally 80-100 centimetres long, weighing
about 20 kilogrammes.
Wc may mention here also that in the north of
the Caspian, north ofthe Manghishlak peninsula, the
Caspian seal is hunted, 40,000 being tåken yearly.
In accordance with what has been said above wc
have the following table of the quantities of fish
tåken yearly in the Volga delta and the neighbouring
waters of the Caspian, and on the lower Volga :
Volga herring and other kinds ofherring, in all 1 83,000
Vobla 82,000-150,000
Freshwater fish ("white fish") 65*700
Isinglass-sturgeon (beluga) 44,000
Russian sturgeon (ossetrina) 5,000
Star sturgeon (sevryuga) 2,500-3,300
Lampret 1,140-2,130
White salmon 280-410
Total 384,120-454,040
For comparison it may be stated that in Norway
all the rich fisheries of every kind of fish along the
whole of our long coast-line yield altogether
438,000-799,000 tons a year; and on an average
for seventeen years (1910-27) they yielded about
599)000 tons yearly. The yearly yield of our herring
fisheries alone is 300,000-400,000 tons; the great

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