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(1931) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Gerald C. Wheeler - Tema: Russia
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they were allowed to carry on their business without
interference by the authorities. There were others
who were filled with bitter scorn for the who’e
system as an impossibility ; and there were young
married couples who had no thought for anything,
whether red or white, revolution or anti-revolution
—they had enough to think of with themselves and
their own affairs. But all of them were taking their
fill of this health-giving, lazy life under a cloudless
sky in a peaceful world.
Among others there was an attractive young
married couple, whom I got to know in spite of
the language difficulty ; they knew little of anything
but Russian, of which, I am sorry to say, I was not
master. The young wife had tuberculosis of the
lungs, and they were now on their way up the
Volga, and then up the Kama to Ufa and the
Bashkir Republic, where she was to stay some time
in the hope of finding a cure in the forest and
mountain air. It was sad to see this young and
lovely creature, still in the early summer of life,
and to think that perhaps she might never come
back this way again.
But, like life, the river flows ever on, without
stop and without pity.
Along Volga’s broad bed
the fiood cleaves wide paths.
The eye searches o’er waves
for well-known, beloved islands.
In the afternoon wc went through a stretch of
the river where there were great quantities of dead

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