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(1815) Author: Matthew Consett - Tema: Sápmi and the Sami
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increase the quantity of food, they mix it
up and grind it with the thin rind or
inward bark of the fir-tree; afterwards they
form it into thin large cakes. Though
their diet is very meagre, yet they are a
large, bony, athletic people, capable of
bearing much fatigue.

The woods here are remarkably
extensive and thick, and are supposed to
harbour more wild beasts than any other part
of Sweden. We were informed of a
melancholy instance of the ferocity of these
wild animals near a neighbouring village
while we were there. Two unfortunate
girls, attending their herds in the wood,
were both devoured by a ravenous she-bear
and her young, which the day before had
been seen prowling for prey.

The same night we reached Sunval, a
sea-port town upon the same gulf. The
trade of this place chiefly consists in the
building of ships, which is very convenient
on account of its near situation to such
extensive and fine forests. It neither
imports nor exports any thing except tar,
which they extract from their firs.

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