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(1815) Author: Matthew Consett - Tema: Sápmi and the Sami
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of the rein-deer’s milk curiously impressed
in a wooden instrument, such as is
commonly used in the English dairies. They
fasten their boards together, when they
make their boats or other moveables, with
twigs or the nerves of the rein-deer. The
women also make use of the latter as a
substitute for thread in sewing. The
female Laplanders shew great ingenuity
in embroidering their garments with brass
wire, tin, or any other gaudy ornament.
They take much delight in adorning their
heads, neck, and shoulders with glass
beads, &c. and are very fanciful in their
girdles, which are embroidered and fringed
with large tufts at the two extremes, and
tied in large knots; this they look upon as
the greatest ornament of their dress.

The dress of Lapland ladies of superior
rank, such as are resident in towns, is equal
to their fortunes. This is often very superb
and costly, whimsically loaded with
ornaments, gold and silver rings, diamonds,
and pearls. I have already mentioned the
dress of the judge’s lady at this place. The
vest of a lady of quality is of the richest
brocade silk, trimmed with ribbons which

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