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(1815) Author: Matthew Consett - Tema: Sápmi and the Sami
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larger; for the first two years this bird
turns white in the winter and grey in the
summer, like the hares in this country.
Afterwards it remains always white. This
bird makes an extraordinary noise, and
particularly at nights. It is not to be found
any where but in Lapland, or the
neighbouring countries. By some accident a few
years ago this bird happened to make its
appearance within an hundred miles of
Stockholm, which very much alarmed the
common people in the neighbourhood where it
was found. In short, from the particular
noise it made at nights, a report prevailed
amongst the vulgar that the wood was
haunted by a ghost. So much were they
terrified by this invisible spirit, that nothing
could tempt the post-boys after it was dark
to pass this dreadful wood. This spirit,
however, was at last happily removed by
the sagacity of some gentlemen who sent
their game-keepers by moon-light into the
wood, and discovered the harmless snoripa.
The birds I have mentioned are reckoned
great rarities at Stockholm, whither they
are sent in the winter and sold at very high

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