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(1815) Author: Matthew Consett - Tema: Sápmi and the Sami
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improvements of life, unknowing in the several
embellishments of society, they live, in the
interior parts of Lapland, as much as
possible in a state of nature.

Yet Providence, who always finds a
substitute where full enjoyment is denied,
darts a ray of contentment beneath the
rafter of the Laplander. Happy would it
be for more polished society, if, in the
midst of their entertainments, they could
meet with the same consolation! If the
native of Lapland possesses not his flocks
and his herds, if he sees not around him
vallies smiling with corn, nor his rich
pastures and fine meadows, of this at least he
is certain, that he has no occasion for them.
His rein-deer is his all. Of all tame
animals this is at once the most serviceable,
and provided for with the least trouble and
inconvenience. I have had occasion to
remark that their usual food is moss when
they are unable to procure grass upon the

I have before mentioned both the rein-deer
and the sledge; but as I have an
opportunity of sending you a drawing of the latter,

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