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(1815) Author: Matthew Consett - Tema: Sápmi and the Sami
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to the doors of the warehouses. Commerce
flourishes here exceedingly; and the
harbour, which is a good one, is generally
well filled with ships.

The reformed religion of Luther is the
religion of the state. They are very
punctual in the performance of all religious
duties, and attend public worship with
uncommon strictness and assiduity. The
churches are kept open at particular times,
and a clergyman constantly in waiting to
administer the sacrament to the sick, to give
comfort to the afflicted, or perform any of
the other duties of his function. The clergy
preach extempore, and lead very exemplary
lives. Their whole dependence and
support are in the hands of government; of
course they often act with too much
servility and pay too much submission to the
court. They are held in high veneration
by the common people, over whom they
sometimes exercise too great an authority.

The Danes are very strict in their police,
and act with great severity against all
those who are guilty of frauds or
misdemeanors. Even the tongue, that unruly

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