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(a) State Consuls (not Elective Consuls) can neither be arrested
nor put in prison except for deeds which, according to local law, are
triable by jury. If required to give evidence in courts of law, they
must be invited to attend by an official letter from the local tribunals
and not by the customary summons to appear on pain of
punishment ; and they may excuse themselves, on the ground of Consular
business, from such attendance in civil causes, in which case the
local authorities must send to the Consul to take his verbal deposition,
or to have the same reduced to writing. (Arts. 1 and 2.)

Russian State Consuls in Austria are also accorded the above
privilege.1 Russian Elective Consular Officers who are engaged in
trade, are liable to arrest for commercial insolvency, but not for other

{b) The archives of Russian Consular Officers are exempt from the
power of the local authorities, who cannot, upon any pretext, either
seize or inspect them. Consular Officers engaged in Commercial
enterprises must keep all papers and documents relating to their
official duties separate from those relating to their commercial affairs.
(Art. 5.)

(с) Russian Consular Officers are bound to exhibit, over the outer
entrance of their office, an escutcheon with the arms of the Russian
Empire and an inscription in the Russian language. For the sake
of convenience, Consular Officers may use an inscription in a foreign
language besides, for instance : " Imperial Russian Consulate," or,
" Vice-Consulate," or " Consular Agency," as the case may be,
according to the rank of the particular Consular Officer. These directions
must be written upon a special signboard.2 The primary object
of this sign, as the Consular Conventions expressly state, is to enable
seamen and other Russian subjects to recognise the office of the Consul
of their country. (Art. 4.) It does not grant any right of asylum,
and Consuls are not at liberty, under any circumstances, to convert
their official residence into a house of refuge for criminals ; nor are
they permitted to refuse information to the local authorities, when
required to do so, as to whether a criminal who is wanted by such
authorities is in the house or not. Consuls in seaports are permitted,
further, to hoist the Consular flag either on the house they occupy
or on a separate flag-staff and, when in the course of their duties at
the harbour or port they have occasion to employ a rowing-boat,
they may hoist such flag at the prow thereof. (Art. 4.)

The Russian national flag is white, blue and red, in three
horizontal stripes beginning from the top. In the ports where the Consuls
reside they are allowed to hoist at the prow of rowing boats the same
flag, but showing on a white field in the upper corner near the flagstaff
a blue anchor with the anchor ring towards the top.3

The Russian flag must be hoisted on Russian as well as on local
national holidays.

1 Circular of the II. Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
of the 16th November 1894, No. 8870.

2 Circular of the I. Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
of 22nd November 1913, No. 12,800.

3 Circular of the I. Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
of 31st December 1896 ; and Cons. Reg., Art. 15.

§§ 19, 20,"21.

§ 19
of Consuls
from arrest.

§ 20. [-Exterritoriality-]
ality+} of

§ 21.
Flag and

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