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of foreign
in Russia.

The Russian national holidays are :—

23rd April, old style, 6th May, new style. The Name Day of
Her Majesty the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna.

6th May, old style, 19th May, new style. Birthday of His Majesty
the Emperor Nicolas Alexandrovitch.

14th May, old style, 27th May, new style. Coronation Day of
His Majesty the Emperor Nicolas Alexandrovitch and His Consort
the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna.

25th May, old style, 7th June, new style. Birthday of Her Majesty
the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna.

22nd July, old style, 4th August, new style. Name Day of Her
Majesty the Empress Marie Feodorovna.

30th July, old style, 12th August, new style. Birthday of His
Imperial Highness the Cesarevitch and Heir Apparent to the Throne
Grand Duke Alexis Nicolaevitch.

21st October, old style, 3rd November, new style. Accession to
the Throne of His Majesty the Emperor Nicolas Alexandrovitch.

14th November, old style, 27th November, new style. Birthday
of Her Majesty the Empress Marie Feodorovna.

6th December, old style, 19th December, new style. Name Day
of His Majesty the Emperor Nicolas Alexandrovitch.

According to Art. 15 of the Russian Consular Regulations the
Consular flag may only be hoisted on rowing boats and in ports where
the Consul has his permanent residence. From this it appears that
Consular Officers are not entitled to hoist the flag in ports where
they only reside temporarily. The article in question further permits
them to hoist the flag, if the local authorities have no objection, on
the houses where they reside. If, therefore, at the place of residence
of the Consular Officer it is not the custom to hoist Consular flags
on houses, he must refrain from doing so.

(d) Russian State Consuls (not Elective Consuls) are exempted
from any obligation to furnish quarters for the military or to pay
military contributions, and are free from payment of house duty
and direct taxes on personal estate and luxuries imposed by the State
or the local communal authorities, unless they possess real estate in
the country. In such case they pay the usual taxes as private persons
as far as such real estate is concerned, and are subject to the same
legal procedure as the landowners who are natives of the country, i.e.,
they must pay all taxes which are borne by native landowners on the
property they own. (Art. 2.) The privileges accorded to State Consuls
do not extend to Customs duties, duties on food-stuffs and indirect
taxes in general. Thus, in Russia, for instance, the Consular
representatives of foreign powers are not accorded the privilege of exemption
from Customs duties which is mentioned in Arts. 740-751 of the Russian
Customs Regulations (Svod Zakanov, vol. VI., edition 1904), and which
is granted to foreign " diplomatists " serving in Russia. They are
entitled only to the reduction of Customs duties mentioned in Art. 724 of
the Customs Regulations, which is likewise accorded to all foreigners
coming to Russia for permanent residence, and to Russian subjects
returning to the country after a residence abroad of two years and more.1

1 See Reduction and Exemption from Customs Duty, Part IX., Chapter II.

§ 21.

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