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(1916) Author: Alfons Heyking - Tema: Russia
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CHAPTER XIV.—The Consular Uniform.

Elective Consular Officers are entitled to wear the Consular uniform,
viz. :—

1. On State or other important occasions the uniform consists of
a double-breasted frock-coat of dark green cloth (black with greenish
tint) of the pattern prescribed for civil officials of the Military
Department, having at the edge of the collar, collar-straps of black velvet,
braided in red on three sides, and ij’ to 2 vershoks long and § of one
vershok wide, the rank of the wearer being indicated by small gold
stars and silver slashes on the velvet. The coat has two rows of
rimmed buttons of dead silver, with the Imperial crest in front, and
two similar buttons on each of the flaps of the pockets behind. The
collar is of black velvet and is turned down ; the cuffs are open,
borderless, and have each two small buttons with the Imperial crest.
State Consuls have the exclusive right to wear longitudinal
shoulder-straps on which the rank of the wearer is indicated by small gold
stars. The shoulder-straps are of silver galloon with red slashes,
border and lining, and are of a vershok in width, and of the pattern
prescribed for civil officers of the Military Department. The necktie
is of black silk, tied in a bow in front. The trousers are long, of dark
green cloth, and have neither galloon nor coloured edging. Boots—
black. The sword, which is of the ordinary pattern prescribed for
officers of all ranks in the civil service, with Imperial crest and silver
sword-knot and tassel, is worn as a sword-belt underneath the
double-breasted frock-coat in such a way that the handle, crest, sword-knot
and tassel come outside the coat through an opening. A
three-cornered hat, of the pattern prescribed for civil officers of all
departments, is worn according to rank. The waistcoat with either four
or six buttons of smaller size, but of the same pattern as those on the
coat, is also of dark green cloth.

The overcoat is of dark grey cloth (black with white merino woven
in the cloth), double-breasted, and of the pattern prescribed for civil
officials of the Military Department, with collar straps as on the
frock-coat, turned-down collar and lapels of the same cloth as the
coat, and black lining. In cold weather the collar may be of black
merlushka (Astrakhan), the collar-straps being stitched outside the
cloth lining of the fur collar where it is joined to the coat. Orders are
worn on the frock-coat as prescribed in the rules fixed by Imperial
decree in the year 1900. Gloves are of white chamois leather. In
summer time, without distinction of place, and not excepting the
capitals, the coat, waistcoat and trousers may be of white or
unbleached linen, with the regulation collar-straps.

2. On ordinary occasions a uniform tail-coat is worn. This is
of dark green cloth, and has two rows of buttons, four in each row
in front, and two more on each of the flaps of the pockets. The
buttons are of dead silver with the Imperial crest. The waistcoat is
of the same material as the coat and has a turned-down collar and
four small buttons, of the same pattern as on the coat. (c). Regulations


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