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by existing treaties to the Russian flag and to Russian commerce
are not infringed.1 In fulfilling these various obligations the Consul
will, if the circumstances require it, draw up official reports, make
verbal or written representations to the local authorities or address
formal demands to them. Should these representations or demands
remain unnoticed, or be unsuccessful, he must at once report to the
Imperial Legation to which he is subordinate. Elective Consular
Officers report to the State Consul of the district.

The Consul must take care that the Russian flag is only exhibited
in conformity with existing laws and regulations. In exceptional
cases his superior authority will give him special instructions.2

It is, moreover, the duty of the Consular Officer to see that the
honour of the Russian name is kept unblemished. To this end
he must do all in his power to ensure that no merchant, being a
Russian subject, nor the captain of any Russian vessel, fails to fulfil
his engagements, imposes on his correspondents, or is guilty of any
other dishonourable action. Any person who, ignoring the just
admonition of a Consular Officer, shall be guilty of a dishonest action,
must be reported by him to the Embassy or Legation in the country
in which he resides, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry
of Finance, and to the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Elective
Consular Officers report to their respective superior State Officers. If
a Consular Officer discovers that articles are being either imported
or exported at a port in his district in violation of the Russian Customs
Regulations, he must immediately communicate the fact to the
Ministry of Finance.3

§ 44.
Reports on

CHAPTER III.—Annual Reports on Commerce,
Industry and Shipping.

The Institution of Russian Consular Officers, besides having for
its object the protection of Russian subjects abroad, is intended to
keep the Russian Government fully informed of all that may be
helpful to the interests of Russia and especially to her commerce.
Russian Consuls must, therefore, carefully study the economic
resources of the country in which they live, the local products, the
articles of import and export, and especially those branches of
industry and commerce which afford possibilities of business
relations with Russia. The knowledge of local conditions which
they will gather from such study will enable them to make detailed
reports as to the country of their residence and to suggest means
for extending the commercial and industrial operations of Russia.
These proposals will only be useful if they are based on actual
facts and not merely on statements gathered from official sources
published with scientific or retrospective objects.

1 Cons. Reg., Art. 48

3 Cons. Reg., Art. 91

2 Cons. Reg., Art. 90.


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