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(1916) Author: Alfons Heyking - Tema: Russia
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is necessarily followed by a more detailed statement by post. Outlays
for telegraphic expenses will be refunded by the Section of Commerce
of the Russian Ministry of Commerce and Industry on presentation of

If the rules as above were observed, Russian Consular Officers
could very much shorten the annual trade reports which they have
to present in accordance with Art. 22 of the Consular regulations.

In order to be able to help Russian merchants who may want
their advice and assistance, Russian Consular Officers must be
conversant with the conditions in which goods are sold on the local
market, the methods of transporting them, the local market prices,
the way the customs are paid for imported goods, local commercial
rules, commission agents, and so forth.

If information is given by Consular Officers about the commercial
reputation, standing and solvability of a firm, such must be of a general
nature and must not involve the personal responsibility of the Consular
Officer. For instance, he may say that the firm has a good
reputation or that it does not enjoy such. To any such statements the
Consular Officer may expressly add that he declines to take upon
himself any responsibility, but gives the information to the best of his

All replies to inquiries must be given as quickly as possible, and
a copy of each information which is given to private persons by a
Consular Officer must be sent by him by post at the same time to the
Section of Commerce of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry,

The following tables are recommended for use in drawing up the
Annual Report on Trade and Shipping :—

Chief articles of import at the port of

Names of Countries. Description of Goods. Quantity. Value.
Russia - - - -
-Germany -France, &c. -

Chief articles of export at the port of

Names of Countries. Description of Goods. Quantity. Value.
––-Germany -France, &c. -
Total -

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