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(1916) Author: Alfons Heyking - Tema: Russia
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Mineral Fuels, Resins, Gums, etc.

Colophany or white resin.

Mineral asphalt, ground or not.

Liquid products distilled from naphtha (petroleum).

Caoutchouc (rubber) and gutta-percha, crude, and caoutchouc (rubber)

Camphor, crude.

India-rubber (caoutchouc and gutta-percha), prepared and

Chemical Materials and Products.

Sulphur, crude, unrefined in lumps.

Antimony, crude and metallic.

Chile saltpetre (nitrate of soda).

Chloride of lime.

Sulphuric acid.

Nitric acid.

Iodine, bromine, barium chloride, nitrate of soda, purified boric acid,
in crystals, as a powder, or as an anhydride ; acetate of lead (sugar
of lead), acetate of soda, whether liquid or not ; chlorate of potassium,
(Berthollet’s salts), and chlorate of sodium ; chlorate of iron ; calcium
carbide; benzol and naphthaline, purified ; resinous soaps and
salts of resin acid ; oxalic and lactic acids; carbolic acid,
or in the form of a transparent liquid ; cream of tartar, refined ;
wood spirit, and acetone.

Napthols and sulphonic acids.

Peroxide of hydrogen.

Tanning materials and tanning extracts.

Dyewoods in logs and blocks, and also grated or chopped up.

Catechu (cutch).

White lead and zinc white.

Ores, Metals and Metal Wares.

Metallic ores and minerals.

Cast iron in pigs, scraps and filings (including ferro-manganese,
ferro-silicon, and ferrochrome).

Iron, in bars, etc., billets, steel scraps, sheet-steel, steel plates shaped
pro-steel, hoop-steel.

Copper, aluminium, nickel, cobalt, bismuth, cadmium and other unspecified
metals ; chrysocolle, tombac, argentan (German silver), Britannia
metal, and all other unspecified metal alloys—all the above whether
in pigs, ingots, shavings, filings, scrap or powder or in bars, rods and

Tin—in pigs, rods or scraps, or in sheets, amalgam for mirrors ; sheets
of lead coaked with tin.

Lead—in pigs or scrap ; litharge ; silver litharge ; slag ; in rolls, sheets,
wire or piping.

Zinc—in pigs, scrap or powder, zinc slag and zinc dust; in sheets or rods.

Manufactures of copper, aluminium, nickel, cobalt, etc. and alloys, viz. :
articles not ornamented in relief, not engraved or stamped articles,
even if combined with wood, iron, tin plate, leather or other
common materials.

Cast iron wares in the rough or worked.

Iron and steel manufactures, wrought, stamped, moulded—not specially
mentioned ; forged nails.

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