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(1916) Author: Alfons Heyking - Tema: Russia
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Iron and steel boilermakers’ wares, such as steam boilers and similar
apparatus, boilers, reservoirs, tanks, boxes, sections of bridges ;
also all unspecified manufactures of sheet-iron or steel ; pipes and
their connecting pieces of iron or steel.

Iron and steel manufactures (unspecified) worked, turned, polished, ground,
bronzed or otherwise elaborated, even with parts composed of wood
or of copper or copper alloys.

Wire :—of iron or steel, or of copper or copper alloys, aluminium, nickel,
cobalt, bismuth, cadmium, etc. ; of chrysocolle, tombac, argentan,
Britannia metal, etc.

Wire manufactures, viz. :—Manufactures of wire of iron or steel, or of
copper, copper alloys, aluminium, nickel, etc., etc.

Electrical cables of all kinds.

Cutlery of any kind, and for any purpose (except machine knives, etc.),
in mountings of common materials, prepared from iron, steel, copper,
copper alloys, etc., etc., also scissors or pincers provided with even or
notched blades ; knife blades ; and forks without handles, finished
or not. Scythes, bills and sickles ; straw choppers, shovels, spades,
pitchforks, rakes, hoes, picks, spuds, and matlocks.

Hand-tools for use in trades, crafts, arts and industries.

Machines and apparatus, complete or incomplete, fitted together or in

Instruments and apparatus—Astronomical; optical (except spectacles,
eye-glasses, opera-glasses, and binoculars), physical, chemical, and
mathematical, geodetical and drawing ; instruments, etc. for medical
purposes ; manometers, vacuometers, indicators and measuring
apparatus ; magic lanterns and other lanterns for picture projection ;
photographical apparatus ; geographical globes ; glasses for
spectacles, and opera-glasses, burning glasses, magnifying glasses, and all
kinds of optical glasses ; electrical current interrupters,
commutators, safety cut-outs ; holders for electrical incandescent lamps,
rheostats and commutators of all kinds, fitted together or in parts ;
telegraphic and telephonic apparatus; electrical and pneumatic
bells and accessories for electrical signalling.

Electro-technical measuring appliances (ammeters, wattmeters,
voltmeters, and calculators).

Separate parts of motor cars and motor cycles.

Automobiles and motor cycles.



Textile Materials and Wares thereof.

Raw cotton, and raw jute.

Wool, and hair, uncombed, unspun ; wool combings and waste.

Felts or felted tissues of cotton, pure or mixed with wool, for use in factories
and workshops.

Twine of Manilla hemp or sisal, for sheaf binding reapers, whether imported
separately or with the machine.

Jute and linen sacks, also coarse jute tissues for sacking or packing.

Machine belting of hemp or cotton.

Felts of wool, or felted tissues of wool, pure or mixed with cotton, for use
in factories.

Tissues of wool and half-wool and cloths for use in factories or workshops.

Transmission belts of camels’ hair.

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