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P. iv., Ch. ii.

in the names of the person who is travelling to Russia, and in such
a case no certificate as a commercial traveller is required.

Hebrews who desire to have their passports vise, and who are not
partners in a registered local trading firm, or who are not being sent
out to represent such a firm, can apply by letter, or in urgent cases
by telegram (R.P.), to the Department of General Affairs of the Russian
Ministry of the Interior, naming the town they wish to visit, stating
the proposed duration of their stay in Russia, and the object of the
journey, and requesting that Department to authorise the Russian
State Consul at the place to be named by them, to put the vise to
their passport. Such requests are generally complied with when
important interests of trade and commerce are involved. Otherwise
permission to foreign Hebrews to enter Russia, for instance, for the
purpose of visiting relatives or friends, is usually not granted.

If their request is granted by the said Ministry, unconditionally,
their passports can be vise for a period of three months counting
from the date at which the request has been granted. After the
lapse of three months, and in case another journey to Russia is
contemplated, a fresh application to the Department of General Affairs
of the Russian Ministry of the Interior for the vise of the passports
must be made.1

All questions of law regarding Hebrews are dealt with by the
Department of General Affairs of the Ministry of the Interior.2

An exception to the above rules is made in favour of foreign Hebrews
who are personally known to the Russian State Consuls as occupying
high positions in the commercial world, or as being the representatives
of first-class commercial or banking firms, such as Rothschild,
Bleich-rceder, &c. State Consuls must report to the Department of General
Affairs of the Russian Ministry of the Interior upon every case of
a visa granted to a foreign Hebrew without the previous authorisation
of that Ministry.3

Engineers, firemen, and sailors of the Jewish faith forming part of
the crews of merchant vessels are also exempt from the restrictions
affecting the visa of the passports of Hebrews, their passports not
requiring the Consular visa at all, as the crews of foreign and Russian
vessels are admitted into territorial waters of Russia without passport
merely on the strength of the crew-list.

Industrial labourers of the Jewish faith, who have been engaged
by Jewish firms in Russia are, on that account, allowed to cross the
Russian frontier and to fix their abode in Russia. The Russian State
Consul, in affixing his visa to their passports, must give them a
certificate stating their previous occupation and trade, and by whom
and for what purpose they have been engaged to go to Russia.

Such industrial labourers of the Jewish faith are allowed to dwell
permanently in the pale of settlement of the Jews and are admitted
to the oath of allegiance after having been engaged in factories not
less than five years, and if the factory owner who engaged them or the

1 Circular of the II. Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
of 15th December 1909, No. 17,062.

2 Circular of the I. Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of
17th April 1906, No. 2226.

3 Passport Reg., Art. 230.


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