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P. iv., Ch. ii.

Priests of
the Greek

of visa.

In examining such applications the Holy Synod takes into
consideration :—

(i.) Whether anything is known to the discredit of petitioner ;

(ii.) The object of his prospective coming to Russia ;

(iii.) The circumstances which force the petitioner to seek refuge
in Russia.1

The only exception is in the case of priests of the Greek orthodox
religion from eparchial districts situated near the Russian frontiers,
when they are provided with certificates from their superiors to the
effect that they are travelling to Russia with the intention of making
a short stay on business connected with their ecclesiastical office, but
not for the purpose of collecting money. However, such priests
may not be Russian subjects who have embraced the priesthood after
leaving Russia ; they are not permitted to remain in Russia longer
than three months, and are required to give a written promise on
entering the Empire that they will not collect money or travel to any
other places than those situated on the line of their journey.2

Galician clergymen of the Greek Uniate Church who are desirous
of proceeding to the Greek Uniate Eparchy of Ivholm must apply
to the Administrator of the said Eparchy for a certificate in the
following terms :—" The bearer of this, a priest of the Galician Greek Uniate
Church, is proceeding, with my consent and permission, to the Eparchy
of Kholm, as I hereby certify by my signature and the seal of the
Consistory of the Eparchy of Kholm." On producing this certificate,
clergymen of the Greek Uniate Church can obtain the visa of their

The visa is refused :—

1. To all persons who are forbidden to enter Russian territory.

2. To all persons who are regarded by Russian Legations or State
Consulates as being of bad character.

3. To gipsies, organ-grinders, travelling dealers in chemical
products, peddlers in figures of plaster of Paris, and vagrants.

4. To Jesuits. Jesuits who have been expelled from Russia may
not obtain the visa even if they produce a certificate to the effect
that they have since left the order.3

5. To nuns of the Order of Immaculata, even those to whom in
the year 1907 permission was given to enter the Vistula region.4

6. To Austrian subjects not of age if there is reason to believe
that they accompany itinerant musicians, conjurers and other

7. To Russian subjects who have become subjects of a foreign

1 Passport Reg., Art. 225.

2 Ibid., Art. 227.

3 Ibid., Art. 219. Circular of the II. Department of the Russian


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of 4th April 1866, No. ——

4 Circular of the II. Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of
21st March 1911, No. 3756.

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§§ 61, 62.

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