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ployees.1 Such certificates may be issued by Russian Missions or
Consulates, in the Russian language.

Russian subjects who have left Russia without a legal passport,
when returning to Russia, are liable to be fined up to three times the
amount of the passport fees due from them, and must, besides, pa}7
the ordinary passport fee.2

This regulation does not refer to cases where a crime has been

In the case of marriage of a Russian subject abroad with a foreign
subject, Russian State Consuls are enabled to give to the latter a
passport only under the condition that the marriage has been
con-sscrated in a Church or a Synagogue. Russia does not recognise
the institution of civil marriages, and it is the general rule observed
in international private law that all matters which concern the status
of a married person depends upon the national law of the husband,
may he or she, at the time of marriage, be in their own country or

If a Russian subject who is married wishes his family to join him
abroad, he must apply to a State Consul requesting him to notify
the proper Russian authority of his request for a Russian passport
for his family, or he must send a power of attorney to his family
authorising them to apply at the lawful place for a foreign passport.
The signature to the power of attorney must be legalised by the Consul,
who for that purpose will require to see the passport of the person
by whom the power is given.4

Members of foreign colonies in Russia emigrating from the Empire
and thus ceasing to be Russian subjects cannot receive passports
to enable them to return to Russia.5 On the other hand, Russian
emigrants returning from Brazil are permitted, by a special resolution
of the Governor-General of Warsaw, to return to Russia without
passports or papers of identity.6

Russian Jews and other Russian subjects emigrating from Russia,
who are provided with papers to prove that they have actually so
emigrated, and who are denied admission into Germany, must be
readmitted into the Empire if they have not been in Germany more
than one year counting from the date of their crossing the
Russo-German frontier.7

A foreigner leaving Russia on a foreign passport issued to him


for families
of Russians

not issued
emigrants from
Russia of

returning emigrants and
to Russia.

1 Circular of the Department of Customs Authorities of 1st February 1906,
No. 2044. See also Passport Regulations, Art. 199, 201, 202.

2 Art. 62 of the Code of Penal Law.

3 Letter of the II. Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of
17th April 1909, No. 4341, to the Russian Consulate General in London.

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• 245

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7 Final Protocol to the treaty of commerce and navigation between Russia
.and Germany of 29th January/ioth February 1894, section IV., § 22.

§§ 7

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