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The payment of a pension to a daughter ceases1:—

1. If she dies ;

2. If she enters a public establishment and is kept there at the
cost of the Crown ;

3. If she marries ;

4. When she attains the age of 21 years ;

5. If she remains abroad longer than the term for which she has
obtained permission, unless she has been authorised by Special Decree
of the Emperor to receive her pension abroad.

Consuls are forbidden to hand over to the heirs of deceased Russian
pensioners any pensions or other monetary assistance due to them,
without the special authorisation of the Osobennaya Kantselaria po
Kreditnoi Tchasti of the Ministry of Finance.

If the above-named Government office should send remittances
to a Consulate for the purpose of being handed over to State pensioners,
the recipients must each time furnish the respective Consulate with
sufficient proof by means of passports, &c.) that they have not since
forfeited the right to receive pensions, and the Consulates must give
particulars to the Government office of the proofs that have been
submitted to them.2

Russian Embassies, Legations, and State Consulates have to
communicate direct to the Glavnoye Kasnatcheistvo all particulars
which may interest this Institution concerning pensions : for instance-—
information on decease ; the admittance of pensioners into monasteries ;
also concerning the marriage of female pensioners ; and any enquiries
about the rate of exchange of the amounts due to the pensioners.

Pensioners who receive a yearly allowance for the education of
their children must produce each year, at the office from which they
draw this allowance, a certificate to the effect that their child or children
are alive, that they are not being educated at the expense of the Russian
State, and that they do not receive any other allowance from the
Russian State Exchequer for the education of their child or children.
Such certificates can be given by State or Elective Consuls under their
signatures on the strength of proof which is deemed of sufficient weight ;
for instance, the formal declaration of the parents or local authorities.

Russian pensioners residing abroad desirous of receiving their
pensions abroad may apply to the Department of the State Exchequer
(Department Gosoudarstvenogo Kaznachestva) with a request that
their pensions should be sent through the Special Chancellerie of
Credit (Kreditnaia Kantselaria) at Petrograd, to the Russian Embassy,
Legation or Consulate they have in view for a certain time or until
further notice on their part. When that request is made the Exchequer
Office (Kasnarchestvo) from which the pension is received must
be stated, also the name of the applicants, their address and other

1 Regulations as to Pensions, Art. 235.

2 Annexe to the Circular of the II. Department of the Russian Ministry of
Foreign Affairs of the 26th July 1902, No. 8033.


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