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-Decease of Russian Subjects

In the event of the death of a Russian subject abroad, the Consul
should only interfere in an official capacity if the deceased has left
no dispositions as to trustees or guardians, or if such trustees or
guardians are unavoidably absent. Elective Consuls are required
to report all cases of death of Russian subjects occurring in their
districts to the respective State Consul, who reports to the II.
Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, presenting the passport of the
deceased and a certificate of his death from the Registrar duly legalised
by the Consulate, and mentioning whether the deceased had appointed
any trustee, executor, or guardian.1

In case of death abroad of persons occupying positions at the
Courts of the Emperor, Empress or Grand Dukes of Russia, the fact
must be reported not only to the II. Department of the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs but also to the Office (Chancellerie) of the Ministry
of the Imperial Court stating the time and place of the decease. If
such persons belong to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the I.
Department of this Ministry must also be informed of their death.2 If
deceased belonged to the Russian Military or Civil Services, when
reporting his death, it is necessary to mention that he was receiving
a State pension, if such be the case, as ascertained from the papers left
by him. The decease of pensioners must also be reported to the
Osobenaya Kantzeljaria po Kreditnoi Tchasti and to the
Gosudar-stvenoye Kasnatcheistwo at Petrograd.

The General Register, Somerset House, London, contains records
of all cases of death in Great Britain, and this office issues certificates
of death for a fee of 3s. yd. When search is made at the said office
about the death of a person, it is necessary to mention the full name ;
for the searching of the records of each five years, a fee of is. 6d. is

In the absence of trustees, executors, or guardians, the Consul
must take the necessary steps to insure the safety of the deceased’s
property, and to watch it as far as the laws of the country or the
State treaties, where such exist, admit of his intervention. He must
unite with the local authorities in the performance of all formalities
prescribed by the local laws for such cases. He must acquaint the
next of kin or the heirs presumptive of the decease of their relative,
and obtain their instructions as to the disposition of the body. If it
is necessary to seal up the deceased’s effects, the Consul must do so
with the seal of the Consulate, while complying in all respects with
local usages and laws and with existing State treaties.

In all his dispositions, the Consul must be careful to avoid any
acts which, according to the laws of the country, might render him
responsible for any debt or debts which the deceased may have
contracted. When presenting his report the Consul must submit, in

1 Cons. Reg., Art. 75.

2 Circular of the I. Department of Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of
7th September 1904, No. 7119.

Decease oi



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