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" right to administer the estate ; and that as he had applied for
" letters of administration and had thus submitted himself to the
" court, he should be required to give bond, and to conduct himself
" in other respects as would any other administrator." The decision
has since been published in the New York Law Journal of April 16

As regards estate left by Russian seamen deceased on board British
ships or in British territory, if such estate does not exceed fifty pounds,
it is handed over, in accordance with the terms of the declaration
concluded between Russia and Great Britain on the 9th August 1880,
to the Russian Consul-General in London without the formalities
generally required, in cases of death, by local law. This declaration
provides also that if a deceased Russian subject has served in the
Royal Navy of Great Britain, any moneys which may be payable
to him by the British Admiralty shall be dealt with according to the
law of Great Britain. The term " seaman" includes every person
(except masters and pilots) employed or engaged in any capacity on
board of any merchant ship, or who has been so employed or engaged
within six months before his death, and every person (not being a
commissioned, warrant, or subordinate officer, or assistant engineer)
borne on the books of, or forming part of the complement of, any
public ship of war. The term "estate" includes all "property,
wages due, money, and other effects" left by a deceased seaman
on board a ship. The term "Consul" includes Consul-General,
Consul, and Vice-Consul, and every person for the time being
discharging the duties of Consul-General, Consul or Vice-Consul.

Russian Consular Officers in Great Britain are often called upon
to enquire fully upon the death of a Russian subject, and to find out
whether he left property. In order to make such researches Consular
Officers should address themselves to the Treasury Solicitor of the
Treasury Chambers at Whitehall, London, S.W.—also to the Solicitor
of the Duchy of Lancaster, Lancaster Place, Waterloo Bridge, W.C.,
also to the Solicitor to the Duchy of Cornwall, 10, Buckingham Gate,
S.W.—as it is possible that the deceased died within the jurisdiction
of one of these Duchies—and enquiry must also be made at the
Principal Probate Registry, Somerset House, W.C. To this latter authority
it is necessary to apply for letters for the administration of the estate
on Probate of will which belonged to deceased, and for all information
respecting wills.

In Canada authorities find it convenient to entrust to foreign
Consuls the duty of distributing articles and monies belonging to the
estate of their compatriots, deceased in Canada, and due to foreign
subjects residing out of Canada. Russian State Consuls are entitled to
give receipts which are regarded by Russian law as valid ; such officers
are authorised by Russian Consular Regulations to take charge of the
estates of Russian subjects deceased abroad, and to take over from
the local authorities or from private persons, articles and monies
forming part of such estates.1

1 Note verbale of Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of 28th August and
10th September 1915 to the British Embassy in London, No. 11,794, and of
British Embassy to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of 28th August and
10th September 1915.


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