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or into the teaching profession, may postpone their actual military
service until they have reached the age of 30.

" Candidates of Theology" as pastors of the Evangelical-Lutheran
faith, may postpone their actual service for 5 years, dating from
the moment they receive the degree of " Candidate."

If, after the lapse of 5 years, such " Candidates " have not received
a " living," they must serve in the army a term, the length of which
corresponds in accordance with the standard of their education.

Any man who has not the legal right to receive the postponement
of military service for the completion of his education, may petition
the minister, or chief to whom the educational establishment is
subordinate, for such postponement.

5. The term of actual service in the army is subject to reduction in
the following cases.—(a) Those who have passed their examinations
at what is called a " Lower School" (which is a grade higher than
an elementary school), or at a " Middle School" or " High School"
have, on drawing lots or on volunteering, to serve only 3 years on
actual service, and 15 years in the Reserve.

(b) Men who have obtained the right to be officers, and besides,
have passed their examinations at a " Middle School" or " High
School," also those who have passed six classes of a " Middle School,"
or the second class of an ecclesiastical seminary, also those who have
passed an examination corresponding to the educational level of
such Institutes, have, on drawing lots or on volunteering, to serve
only 2 years in actual service, and 16 years in the Reserve, if they
pass the examination of ensign or cornet during the time they are on
actual service.

The term of actual service in the Navy is 3 years, and in the Reserve
8 years, for those who have passed their examinations at a " Lower
School," and who have been enrolled by lot, or who have offered
themselves as volunteers.

The following come under the first class:—Captains or engineers
of the merchant fleet, or those who have passed an examination
corresponding to that examination which captains and engineers have to
pass, have, by the drawing of lots or by volunteering, a term of actual
Naval service of 2 years and must spend 8 years in the Naval Reserve.
Those belonging to the second class must serve 3 years in the actual
service, and 8 years in the Naval Reserve. The Ministry of Trade
and Industry in common with the Ministry of Marine decide to what
class each captain or engineer belongs.

6. Exemption or postponement from military service on account
of certain professions.—Entire exemption is granted to all the clergy
of all Christian denominations ; psalm-singers, of the Russian or Greek
Orthodox Church ; Mohamedan High Priests, Imans, Khatins, Mullahs,
and Majazins; Academicians and their Deputies; Professors of
universities ; Prosecutors and their assistants ; Lecturers of Oriental
languages ; Docents of " High Schools" ; Pensioners of the Imperial
Academy of Arts ; and those who, having completed a course at
Industrial Schools of Art, are sent abroad by the Government in
order to continue their artistic education.

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