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or State Consulate, that they are still at such establishments, a
postponement of their military service will be granted, to enable them to
finish their studies, until their 22nd or 28th year according to the class
of Russian educational establishment to which the school, at which
they are being educated, corresponds, this being decided by the Minister
of Public Instruction.

2. The exemptions for young men who have completed their
education at Russian educational establishments, apply also to the
sons of Russian diplomatic agents and other persons residing abroad
on account of their duties to the Russian State or their sacerdotal
offices, provided that they have been educated at foreign educational
establishments and have there received diplomas, in virtue of which,
according to the laws of that country, the usual term of military
service would be reduced, or if they have been admitted into an
educational establishment, the science curriculum of which corresponds
to one of the 1st or 2nd class Russian schools. To obtain the benefit
of such exemptions the young man must :—

(a) Present his diploma or certificate (the authenticity of which
must be attested by an Embassy, Legation, or State Consulate, to
the Ministry of Public Instruction, which will state to which class
of Russian educational establishment the school that has issued the
diploma or certificate corresponds.

(b) Pass a supplementary examination in the language, literature,
history and geography of Russia, and if he belongs to the Greek Catholic
Church, in theology. The syllabus and proceedings at these
examinations are arranged by mutual agreement between the Minister of
Public Instruction and the Minister of War.

3. To young men who have been educated at foreign educational
establishments otherwise than in consequence of their fathei’s service
abroad, the aforesaid exemptions in paragraphs 1 and 2 can only be
granted by special permission of the Emperor. Such permission
must be sought from the Minister of Public Instruction, after obtaining
the express consent of the Minister of the Interior. Together with
their petition for postponement, such young men must present, among
other documents, certificates from the head of the school where they
have been educated, proving that their conduct has been good and their
studies satisfactory. The petitioner must also state the time required
to finish his studies at the school. These certificates must be attested
by a Russian Embassy, Legation, or State Consulate, and an attested
translation into the Russian language must be affixed. Russian
Consular Officers must make sure of the authenticity of such certificates
before attesting them. Some petitioners presume that an attested
translation without the certificate itself is sufficient for establishing
their right to the postponement of military service. This is not so,
as the law provides that the attested certificate must accompany the
petition for postponement.1 In the petition for the postponement,
mention must be made of the district of enlistment (Prisivnoi
Out-chastock) to which the petitioner belongs, of the foreign address of

1 Military Service Regulations, Art. 64, annexe to Note 2. Circular ol tne

II. Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of 27th March 1914,
No. 4901.


Service of

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