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Service for
who have
their Studies


V. § 162.
Areas for

the petitioner, and that of his parents or of those residing in Russia
to whom the reply to the petition can be sent.1

4. Russian subjects who have completed their studies at foreign
educational establishments which do not correspond to the conditions
pointed out in paragraph 2, and also those young men mentioned
in paragraph 3 to whom paragraph 2 does not apply, must, in order
to obtain exemption from military service in virtue of their education,
pass the examination of a Russian educational establishment,
according to the general rule.

The number of men required to fill the ranks of the army and
navy is settled by legislative enactment every year. Enlistment is
decided by lot once in each man’s lifetime. Persons who, from the
number of the lot drawn by them, are exempt from service in the
regular army, are enrolled in the militia (opoltscheny). Each year
only persons of a certain age are required to draw lots, that is to say,
all the young men who have, on the 1st October of that year, attained
the age of 21 years. The yearly summons to military service, and
the selection therefor, take place throughout the Russian Empire
during the period from the i/i4th October to the i/i5th November.
There are conscription areas for military service, consisting either of a
part of a district or of a whole district. Towns with not less than
10,000 male inhabitants form a separate conscription area. All male
persons who have reached the age of 16 receive a certificate of
enrolment in a conscription area not later than the 31st December of the
year in which they reach the age of 20. Such enrolment takes place
upon a declaration, which the person wishing to become enrolled must
present, together with his birth certificate, or a document in lieu of it,
at the military service office of the district or town which forms the
conscription area chosen by him.

In every province there is a provincial military service office, in
every district a district military service office, and there are separate
town military service offices in Petrograd, Moscow, Odessa, Riga,
Kazan, Charkoff, Kiew, Saratoff, Vilna, Kishineff, Cronstadt, Nikolaiev,
Sevastopol, Tiflis, and Warsaw.

Russian subjects living abroad, who desire to petition for the
postponement of their military service, must apply direct to the office
of the province or town to which they belong.2

All persons liable to military service are entitled to present
themselves for the drawing of the lots either in the conscription area in
which they are enrolled, or in one in which they, or their parents,
possess real estate, or in which they have lived for not less than three
months previous to the day on which the declaration has been made,
as to the chosen conscription area. At the time of drawing lots, the
divisional and town offices fix a day for the draw in every conscription
area, and make arrangements for summoning to the enlistment place
of every conscription area all persons enrolled therein.

1 Circular of the II. Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
of gth January 1910, No. 182.

2 Prisutstive po voinskoi povinnosti.

§§ 160, 161,

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