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Legitimate reasons for not obeying the summons are grave or
dangerous illness and other insuperable impediments. If a person,
who is thus unable to appear, is abroad, he must apply to the nearest
Russian Consulate, either for a certificate evidencing the fact of the
impediments, or for the legalisation of a certificate given by a
competent local person to similar effect. Certificates attesting the illness
of Russian subjects who are prevented from presenting themselves
at the appointed time for military service are issued exclusively by
Russian State Consuls, in accordance with Art. 158, Note 2, of the
Code of Military Service, and Art. 97, Note 1, of the Finnish Code.
These articles are as follows : If a man who is living abroad is unable
to present himself at the proper time for military service, on the score
of ill-health, then a doctor’s certificate must be submitted as a proof
that he is unable to present himself. The Consular Officer appoints a
physician to examine the patient, and to give a certificate stating that
for the time being he is unable to present himself for military service,
which certificate must be duly attested by the Embassy, Legation
or State Consulate of the district.1 These latter authorities, when
legalising the said certificate, must also personally vouch for the fact
of illness and indicate on the certificate the name of the rrrlitary
authority to whom it will have to be produced. Then the
certificate—with a translation into Russian, after it has been properly
legalised as above—must be sent by the Russian subject himself to
the proper military authority in Russia.2

Besides illness the law recognises also other insuperable
circumstances as excuses for not appearing before the Military Authorities
for service ; for instance, lack of monetary means for travelling to
Russia, interruption of means of communication, imprisonment and
similar circumstances. Consular Officers when called upon to give
certificates to this effect must mention in what way the identity of the
applicant was established and in which manner the existence of such
insuperable circumstances has been ascertained. The use of the
following form is recommended3 :—

The Imperial Russian Vice Consulate certifies that the Russian

Subject X. of the age of - years, who must present himself

for Military Service in the year-or who belongs to the Reserve

or the Militia, has not the possibility to return to Russia at present
for this and that reason. In proof of his identity X. has
produced his passport for going abroad or another document.

Russian subjects who find themselves in an enemy’s country can
receive such certificates from the Diplomatic Representatives who
have taken charge of Russian interests in that country and who have
to certify the identity of the Russian subjects applying and also the
fact of their presence in the enemy’s country.4

1 Military Service Regulation, Ed. 1897, Art. 158. Circular of the II.
Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the 19th June 1914, No. 9205.

2 Regulation of the Military Authorities of the year 1900, No. 128.

3 Circulation of the II. Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
of the 20th August 1874, No. 6562.

4 Circular of the Russian Embassy in London of the 18th March 1915 to the
Russian Consulate Officers.

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