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In Great Britain a Bill for the regulation of alien immigration and
expulsion was brought before Parliament in 1905, adopted under the
name Aliens Act 1905, and came into operation the 1st January 1906.
By this Act ships carrying more than twenty alien steerage
passengers are only allowed to land them in the United Kingdom at certain
ports where special immigration officers are appointed to deal with
immigrants, and immigration boards are established. To these,
appeals from the decisions of the immigration officers may be directed.
Immigrants may not be landed otherwise than by permission of the
immigration officer except:—

(a) When arriving in Great Britain as cabin and not steerage

(b) When they desire to land for the purpose of proceeding to
some destination out of the United Kingdom. The master or owner
of the ship by which they are brought to the United Kingdom, or by
which they are taken from the United Kingdom, is under the obligation
to give security to that effect.

Leave to land is withheld in the case of the following persons
considered as undesirable immigrants :—

(a) Persons who cannot show that they have in their possession
the means of decently supporting themselves ;

(b) Persons who owing to any disease or infirmity appear likely
to become a charge upon the rates or otherwise a detriment to the
public ;

(c) Persons who have been sentenced for crimes which are in
their country extradition crimes, but not offences of a political
character—such persons coming from foreign countries with which Great
Britain has concluded extradition treaties ;

(d) Persons in whose case expulsion orders have been made.

The Secretary of State may issue an expulsion order against an

1. Convicted of felony, misdemeanour or other offence for which
the court has power to inflict imprisonment without the option of a
fine, or, of an offence as a prostitute—the court recommending that
an expulsion order should be made in this case ;

2. Of whom it has been certified by a court of summary jurisdiction
within twelve months after he or she last entered the United Kingdom,
that, within three months of the time at which proceedings for the
certificate were begun, he or she was in receipt of any such parochial
relief as disqualifies a person for the parliamentary franchise;

Or, who has been found wandering without ostensible means of
subsistence ;

Or, been living under insanitary conditions due to overcrowding ;

Or, been sentenced in a foreign country—with which there is an
extradition treaty—for a crime not being an offence of political
character, but regarded by that country as an extradition crime.

3. If an expulsion order is made in the case of any alien on a
court certificate given within six months after he has last entered

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