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his arrival. If he desires to become domiciled, he must obtain a
per mis d’ etablissement. These licences are liable to revocation in
case of misconduct, insolvency, and other circumstances, which render
his presence undesirable, and there is the following general provision
(Art. 28) : " Le Conseil d’Etat en vertu de son pouvoir administratif
supreme a toujours le droit de renvoyer du Canton les Etrangers dont
le sejour pourrait porter atteinte aux interets du pays ou a la surete de
I’Etat." The cantonal law gives power of expulsion from the canton,
and the expelled person may go to any adjoining canton, leaving the
authorities of the canton into which the expelled foreigners may
come to deal with him. Here again the expulsion of foreigners is a
matter of police administrative regulations under very wide legal

In France, as in Switzerland, by the law of 1849 (Art. 1), a
permission to establish domicile is required, and the permission may
be withdrawn by administrative order at any time before
naturalisation. Art. 7 gives a general power to the Minister of the Interior
to order any foreigner travelling, or resident in France, to quit French
territory immediately, and to have him taken to the frontier, and
this power may in frontier departments be exercised by the Prefect,
on condition of his reporting the case immediately to the Minister
of the Interior. A law of August 9th, 1893, made further provision
for the registration of foreigners who settle in the country with the
object of exercising a profession, trade, or industry.

Austrian legislation contains no regulations for restricting the
entry of alien immigrants into the empire either by sea or overland.
So long as aliens and their families lead respectable lives, and are
not a burden on public charity, they may make their domicile in
any municipality in Austria, and are not required to produce any
proof relative to their financial resources. On the other hand there
exists the right to expel persons whose presence is considered
prejudicial to public order and safety.

In Hungary the control of the immigration of aliens is regulated
mainly by Ministerial orders, which provide, under penalties, for
the keeping of lists of aliens by the Communal Authority, and render
liable to expulsion aliens who " have not furnished satisfactory
particulars, or cannot prove that they possess sufficient means to support
themselves and their families, or whose stay is deemed to be
detrimental, with regard to the interest of the State, the public safety
and order."

In Italy no special law exists on the subject of the immigration
of aliens. The Italian Police Law (Art. 90) renders a foreigner liable
to expulsion upon release from prison after having served his time.
It is provided by regulations that, if the Prefect of the Province in
which the foreigner is liberated considers that expulsion is not
desirable, or if the foreigner is compromised with his own country for
political reasons, for evading conscription, for desertion, or for offences
for which his extradition has been demanded, the matter must be
laid before the Minister of the Interior. A foreigner expelled under
Article 90 may not return without special authorisation from the



§ 180,

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