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Minister of the Interior, under pain of imprisonment for not more
than six months, to be followed by expulsion. Article 92 provides
that Prefects of frontier provinces may send back, at the frontier,
foreigners who cannot give an account of themselves and are
unprovided with means.

§181. [-Re-admis-sion-]
sion+} of
Subjects into


CHAPTER XVII.—Readmission of Russian Subjects

into Russia.

International law recognises the right of any sovereign state to
expel foreigners, and unless the action is directed against a nation
as a whole, i.e., is not limited to single individuals but strikes at all
the subjects of a certain State alike or is in contravention of a Treaty,
no State can complain of having its subjects returned to it by a
Foreign Government. On the other hand, no State is allowed by
International Law to expel its own subjects, and it is regarded as a
violation of international comity to expel a foreigner to a country
other than his own. The grounds for expelling alien law-breakers
are identical with those for which extradition is granted.1 The
exercise of the powers of rejection and expulsion of aliens has been
regulated by European countries by informal agreements and by
special treaties of expulsion.

Russia has made special treaties on this subject with its
neighbouring States, for instance on the i9th/3ist August 1872, Notes
were exchanged between the Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs
and the German Charge d’Affairs in Petrograd regarding the mutual
expulsion and readmission of subjects of the respective States, who
have no means of subsistence, possess no passport and commit acts
of vagrancy, in accordance with which it has been agreed that:—

1. Russian subjects residing in Prussia, but born in one of the
ten Vistula provinces, Warsaw, Radom, Keletz, Sedletz, Lublin,
Petrokow, Kalisch, Plotzk, Lomscha, and Suwalki, or in the provinces
of Kowno and Courland, as also Prussian subjects who reside in these
12 provinces, are liable to be expelled on the ground of being
unprovided with passports, of want of means of subsistence or of
vagrancy, in pursuance of direct correspondence between the Prussian
frontier authorities (Landrathe) and the chiefs of the Russian frontier
district, who act in the capacity of Frontier Commissioners. The
fact of the expulsion is first communicated, in Prussia to the Landrath,
in Russia to the chief of the particular district into which the person
expelled is to be sent, and these officials, after consideration of the
circumstances and on the strength of the identification papers, grant
permission for him to be admitted to a specified place.

2. When the person liable to be expelled possesses identification
papers which are in good order, or have not lapsed more than a year
previously, correspondence between the Landrath and the District

1 See " Extradition."


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