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Art. i. All tramps, beggars or criminals born within the Russian
Empire or the Grand Duchy of Finland and proceeding to Sweden
or Norway, and all persons belonging to either of these categories,
and born in Sweden or Norway of a father who is a subject of the
Russian Empire, or of the Grand Duchy of Finland, can, on their
being formally recognised as Russian or Finnish subjects by documents
issued by the Imperial Legation at Stockholm, be sent back to their
own country, without formal application to the Imperial Government
of Russia, and their readmission there is obligatory, provided that
they have not been employed in the public service or engaged in
farming or any other useful occupation or profession in the country
from which it is proposed to expel them, or that their case does not
constitute one of the exceptions provided for in Art. 7 of this Treaty.
The nationality of any person whose repatriation is effected in this
manner must first of all be established, either by documents in his
or her possession, or, in their absence, by information to be supplied
by the respective authorities in accordance with the terms of the
following articles. The term "criminal" comprises all persons who,
in the one country or the other, have been convicted and sentenced
by courts of law for crime, misdemeanour or infringement of the law.

Art. 2. If it is impossible to ascertain the place of birth of an
individual to be repatriated, he is regarded as belonging to the land
in which, according to the preceding article, he has tried to do useful
work, either in the public service or in a private capacity. If this
last circumstance is also impossible of verification, he is re-admitted
into that country from which it shall appear, from proofs at hand,
that he came, in the first instance," to the country which refuses to
grant him the right of domicile.

Art. 3. Before a person belonging to the above-mentioned
categories can be sent from one of the contracting States to the other,
all possible particulars must be procured regarding the circumstances
specified in the preceding articles and, in the absence of other proof,
the taxation lists and parish registers must be consulted.

Art. 4. The Governors, or the competent authorities of the
province where an individual of the class described has been arrested,
must make all the necessary inquiries with the greatest possible care
and promptness. If, in the course of these investigations, it should
be necessary to obtain information from the authorities of the other
State, the correspondence dealing with the matter must be conducted
through the medium of the respective Ministries of Foreign Affairs.
In order to simplify the relations of adjoining provinces, however,
it has been agreed that the Governors of Stockholm and North Bothnia
in Sweden and the Amtmann of Finmark in Norway on the one side,
and the Governors of the provinces of Uleaborg and Abo-Bjorneborg,
and the competent official of the Government of Archangel on the
other, are authorised to correspond directly with each other regarding
individuals arrested in the provinces under their administration or in
those immediately adjoining them.

Art. 5. In all such cases, detailed protocols must be drawn up by
the governors of the provinces, or by other competent authorities,

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