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202 RE A DM ISSION OF RUSSIAN SUBJECTS, &c. P. v., Сн. xvii.


chargeable to the said authorities, the Elective Consular Officers
must report the matter to their State Consuls, and the latter to the
Legations or Embassies to which they are subordinate, to be dealt
with through diplomatic channels. It is to be borne in mind,
however, that, generally speaking, Russian Consular Officers are not
entitled to pay the expenses of repatriation of Russian subjects to
their own country ; it appertains, rather, to the local Government
to send undesirable aliens out of the country, as foreigners in
international law are regarded as subditi temporarii, temporarily subjects
of the country in which they reside.1 In the year 1900, at
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, a Russian subject was arrested for vagrancy and
begging, and was brought before the magistrates. It transpired
that he had deserted from a Russian steamer on which he was
employed because, in his opinion, the food he received on board of her
was bad. He had wandered about in Newcastle and the
neighbourhood for months, had no papers to prove that he was a Russian
seaman, and had never presented himself at the Russian Consulate to
to be sent back to his country. The bench applied to the Consulate,
requesting to be relieved of the man, and invited the Consulate to
find him employment cr to send him back to Russia. The Consulate
refused to interfere in the matter, as it is the business of the local
government to deal with vagrants, of whatever nationality. As a
matter of fact, Russian Consuls are not entitled to deal with deserters
who have not made a direct and personal application to the Consulate
requesting to be sent home, and who have come to the country with
the express intention of taking up a permanent residence there.
Moreover, as Russian Consuls have no power to send Russian subjects
under police convoy to Russia, there is no certainty that men sent
to Russia will actually go there ; experience proves, on the contrary,
that money paid to them for that purpose is generally expended in
further travelling and in visits to other Consulates with petitions for
pecuniary assistance. If, therefore, the British or other police arrest
unemployed Russian subjects for vagrancy, it is not the duty of
Russian Consular Officers to provide for their repatriation. The position
of Russian Consular Officers in the matter does not differ from that
of the representatives of other States.2

Emigrants returning from America or Africa to Russia, are
entitled to receive a sufficient sum of money from Russian Consuls
to enable them to reach their native place, but this help is not given
them unless they are wholly without means. Consuls must be careful
not to give money to idlers travelling without any real intention of
returning to Russia, nor to persons who do not belong to the Christian
faith.3 The outlay is refunded by the Ministry of the Interior. Elective
Consuls send a report of their outlay to the State Consul in whose
district they are, and he, in such matters, must apply to the II.
Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

1 See also " Lunatic Russian Subjects abroad," Part V., Chap. IX.

2 The case of sailors to be sent home to Russia is dealt with in Part VI.,
Chap. XVI.

s Circular of the II. Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of 24th
April 1893, No. 3145.


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