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(1916) Author: Alfons Heyking - Tema: Russia
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P. v., Сн. xix.

Autocrat of All the Russias, &c., &c., &c., also of the heir-apparent
to the throne of His Imperial Majesty, His Imperial Highness,
the Lord Czessarevitch, and Grand Duke Alexis Nicolaisvitch, and
that I shall not leave for abroad, nor enter the service of a
foreign state, without the august permission of His Imperial
Majesty. Also, I will not have injurious communication with
the enemies of His Imperial Majesty, and will not entertain a
forbidden correspondence within or outside the Russian State,
and in no way will I be a disloyal subject of His Imperial Majesty,
nor will I be disloyal to all legal rights and privileges now in
force and to be ordained in the future, belonging to the strength
and power of the autocracy of His Imperial Majesty. I will
shield and defend these rights and privileges to the best of my
power and ability and possibility, and in case of necessity
I will even give up my life in so doing, and at least I will
contribute to all that may concern the faithful service of His Imperial
Majesty, and to every possible use of the State. I will endeavour
at the right time not only to inform, but with all means to
prevent anything that may injure the interests of His Imperial
Majesty by any known damage or loss. I will keep in strict
confidence everything that should be kept in secret for the
service and benefit of His Imperial Majesty, or in general, all
secrets that should be kept and not divulged to anyone who may
not know them, nor to whom they are not ordered to be entrusted.

" This I must and desire to keep, so that the Almighty Lord
God may help my soul and body.

" In concluding this, my oath, I kiss the words and the Cross
of my Saviour." Amen.

Children of Russian female subjects married to foreigners have
the right, on coming of age, to take the oath of allegiance to the Russian

Naturalisation is always personal, and does not extend to children
born before the naturalisation of the parents. On the other hand,
children born after the naturalisation of the parents in Russia are,
ipso facto, Russian subjects.

Naturalisation is not accorded to Jews, nor to Dervishes, Jesuits,
married women who wish to be naturalised independent of their husbands.

A foreigner, on being naturalised in Russia, acquires all the civil
and political rights of a native Russian. There is no difference between
the rights of a born and a naturalised Russian subject.

In the Grand Duchy of Finland, special regulations exist as to
naturalisation proceedings. In accordance with these, a foreigner
who desires to be naturalised must be of the Christian faith and of
unblemished character ; he must have attained his majority and be
able to prove that he is able to maintain himself, and that he has
resided in the country at least three years. He is, further, required
to give a written undertaking to fix his abode in Finland, and to pay
a sum of 1,000 roubles for the benefit of the hospitals and workhouses
of Finland. Under certain circumstances, proof may be required
that the original nationality of the foreigner has been cancelled, and
that nothing stands in the way of his being naturalised. A person
who is naturalised in Finland enjoys the same rights as a Finlander



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