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born, but he can only exercise the elective franchise of the Diet, or
be elected himself, after he has been inscribed on the registers as a
taxpayer for three years, and, as a rule, he is not eligible for State

With the exception of the lawful marriages of Russian women with
foreigners, when the Russian nationality is relinquished as a mere
consequence of the marriage, a change of nationality by a Russian
cannot be effected without the special permission of His Majesty, the
Emperor. Persons over 15 years of age can only obtain this
permission after they have served their term of military service.2 To
obtain the Imperial consent to a change of nationality, a petition,
which does not require to be stamped, must be addressed to His
Majesty the Emperor of All the Russias, and sent to the Commission
for Petitions at Petrograd. The petitioner must explain in it the
reasons which induce him to take the step. He must also append
his passport and give his address. He receives the answer through
the Russian Consul in whose district he resides. As petitions of this
kind are brought before the notice of His Imperial Majesty only twice
a year, and as they must pass through several ministries, they
necessarily take time. It is advisable for the petitioner who has sent his
passport with the petition as above to be in possession of a document
proving his identity during the time he is awaiting his reply. Some
Russian State Consulates, therefore, adopt the following practice :—

The petitioner presents the petition to a Russian Consul with his
passport and an envelope addressed to the "Chancellery" for the
Reception of Petitions addressed to His Majesty the Emperor of Russia,
with a request for a certificate in which is set forth that the petitioner’s
passport has been sent by him with a petition praying for permission
to give up his Russian nationality. Such a certificate, which allows
of his return to Russia, will be given him by the Russian Consul after
he has received the petition and the passport, which are forwarded
by the Consul to the " Chancellery " at the expense of the petitioner.

Special permission from His Majesty the Emperor is indispensable
in order to avoid prosecution and punishment under Arts. 325, 326
and 327 of the Russian penal code, which provides that:—

" Whoever shall leave his country and, without permission of
the Government, take service in a foreign country, or become the
subject of a foreign power, shall be made answerable for so breaking
his oath of allegiance and be liable to deprivation of all rights of
citizenship and to perpetual banishment from the country. If he
should come back to Russia without permission, he is liable to be
arrested and transported to Siberia for colonisation.

" Any person absenting himself from Russia and failing to return
on being summoned to do so by the Government, shall be liable to
the deprivation of all rights of citizenship and to perpetual
banishment from the country, unless he is able to prove, within a period

1 " Mechelin : Staatsrecht des Grossfurstenthums Finland, II. Abschnitt,
II. Cap. §8, hcrausgegeben von Marguardsen im Handbuch des offentlichen
Rechts, Freiburg."

2 Law of General Military Service of 1S74, Art. 3. Continuation, 1912, Svod
Zakonov, Vol. IV. ; Fundamental laws, Art. 69. Svod Zakonov, Vol. I., Part I.,
Ed. 1906.


§191. [-Relinquishment-]
ment+} of

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