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REPATRIATION. P. v., Сн. xxin.

Foreign Affairs. Each case of repatriation must be reported to the
Department of Personal and Economic Affairs of the Russian Ministry
of Foreign Affairs using the following formula :—

" On the........the Russian Consulate placed/name/

......on the S/S....../of the Volunteer Fleet/for

repatriation to........1,1

CHAPTER XXIV.—Deposit of Property at the
Consular Office.

Any property may be committed to the charge of the Consular Officer
in accordance with Sections 19 and 20 of the Consular Tariff. To that
effect, a protocol is drawn up in Book No. V., mentioning the name of
the deponent and the circumstances under which the deposit was
made. A receipt is given to the person depositing the property, who
must sign his or her name below the entry in the Consular Book. The
receipt must be worded as follows :—

" This receipt is given by the Russian (Vice) Consulate at

......to Mr. (Mrs. or Miss).......for having received

from him (her) a........on the......dav of.....

19 . . ."

" Town......This .... day of.....19 . . .

" (Signed) Imperial Russian (Vice) Consul."

Consular Officers are entitled to refuse to take charge of money,,
stocks, shares, bank notes, or articles of value if there is no urgent
necessity to do so. Consular Officers are obliged to take the utmost
care of any articles or valuables which have been committed to their
charge, and must return them immediately they are requested to do
so by the deponent or his attorney, or the person in whose name they
were left in charge of the Consular Officer.2

All sums of money, stocks, bank notes, and any articles of value
which belong to the estate left by a deceased which have been received
by the Consular Officers on behalf of the heirs of the deceased must be
duly entered in Book No. V. (see §38 of this Guide) in such a way that
each case of death is kept separately. The sums of money must be
entered in the currency in which they were received. Stocks—in their
face value indicating the date on which the first coupon, etc., falls due
for payment, and articles of value by a valuation in conformity with
the inventory which has to be made on the receipt of the estate. As
regards the actual sums of money and valuables mentioned in the
accounts it makes no difference whether they are kept at the Consulate
or with bankers or Safe Deposit Companies.

1 Circular of the I. Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
of 29th July 1913, No. 8788,

2 Cons. Reg., Art. 80.


Deposit of

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