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Duties connected with Vessels under the Russian
Merchant Flag.

CHAPTER I.—Duties on Arrival.


Arrival of
vessels at

obliged to
himself a

The right of Russian merchant vessels to trade in foreign waters is
secured by a series of special treaties, according to which such vessels,
when in the waters of the contracting States, either enjoy the rights
of the most-favoured nation or are placed on an equal footing with
vessels of the native merchant fleet, being only required to comply
with local customs, police and other regulations and to pay the ordinary
dues and charges.

Such treaties have been concluded by Russia with the United
States, on the 6th/i8th December 1832 ; with the Netherlands on the
ist/i3th December 1846 ; with Greece on the 12th June 1850 ; with
Belgium on the 28th May/gth June 1858 ; with Great Britain on the
31st December 1858712th January 1859 ’> with Austria on the 2nd/i4th
September i860 and the 6th/i8th May 1894 ; with Turkey on the
22nd January/3rd February 1862 ; with Italy on the i6th/28th
September 1863 ; with France on the 20th March/ist April 1874 ;
with Peru on the 4th/i6th May 1894 ; with Servia on the 15th October
1893 ; with Germany on the 29th January/ioth February 1894 ;
with Japan on the 27th May 1895 ; with Portugal on the 27th June/9th
July 1895 ; with Bulgaria on the 2nd July 1897.

On the arrival of a vessel under the Russian flag at a port where
a Consular Officer is stationed, or at a port which is not more than
10 versts from his place of residence, the captain must present himself
at the Consulate to report the ship and to execute the formalities
of clearing her in and out. If the distance is greater than 10 versts
captains are excused from reporting the ship, on account of the expense
and the loss of time they would incur.

The Consul is entitled to summon the captain to appear before
him at the Consulate and the captain is bound to comply with this
summons immediately after he has secured his vessel, and not later
than four-and-twenty hours after his arrival.1

If the captain fails to appear at the Consulate within 24 hours,
the Consul must either proceed on board himself or commission the
Vice-Consul or Secretary to do so, or he may, if he considers it necessary,
request the assistance of the local authorities to summon the captain
to comply with the Regulations.

The Consul, Vice-Consul, or Secretary, must draw up an official

197, 198,


1 Cons. Reg., Art. 49.

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