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P. VI., Ch. I.

And any such documents must be presented at the section of the
commercial shipping, and must be written in the same language.1

If the Consul does not require the log-book to be produced, he
must at least require of the captain an exact report of the voyage.
This report must state as precisely as possible the place and time of
departure, the course taken, all circumstances worthy of attention
which may have come under his notice or on which he may have
gathered information, as for example: newly marked sandbanks
and rocks; newly erected lighthouses ; disasters, &c., the fleets,
squadrons, ships of war he may have met, and ships which may have
appeared suspicious ; alterations of sanitary, customs or anchorage
regulations in the ports into which he may have put, in fact everything
which may have come to his knowledge as noteworthy, or which may
be of interest to Russian commerce and shipping. It rests with the
Consul to decide whether the contents of the captain’s report should
be entered in Book ѴІв. or not. In the latter case the captain must
sign his name to the report.2 An entry is made by the Consul in Book
VI. giving all the particulars as required by that book.3

The ship’s papers as above are only produced by the captain and
retained at the Consulate if the ship enters the port for purposes of
commerce, i.e., to load or discharge a cargo. If the vessel only puts
into a port to take provisions or water, or for orders, &c., it is sufficient
for the captain to present himself with his papers. When only putting
into a port where there is a Consular Officer, the captain must send a
statement to the Consul giving his reasons for so doing. If his stay
last longer than 24 hours, he must produce his papers at the Consulate
and pay the customary fees in accordance with the tariff, and
particularly with that section of it which refers to the compulsory putting
into port of Russian merchant vessels.4

The Consul must assure himself that the ship’s papers and those
relating to the cargo and the passengers’ passports, are in order.

He may, if he considers it necessary, examine the provisions and
the medicines, and if he finds them satisfactory he must certify to that,
effect in the certificate of arrival.

Should the ship’s papers, or those of a passenger, not be in order,
the Consul must act according to circumstances. If he finds that
the provisions and medicines are insufficient or of inferior quality, he
must devise means to remedy this. In all such cases he must report
to the Imperial Legation or Embassy, and to the Central Board of
Mercantile Shipping and Ports, or the Governor-General of Finland,
as the case may be.5

Arts. 227 and 394 of the Russian Trades Regulations prescribe
that the captains of Russian merchant vessels, on their arrival at a
foreign port, must inquire as to the laws regulating commerce and

1 Letters of the Section for Commercial Shipping of 23rd November 1909,
No. 9811, and of 22nd June 19Г2, No. 6298, and circular of that Section of 31st
March 1912, No. 19. Circular of the II. Department of the Russiaд Ministry of
Foreign Affairs 3rd August, No. 9999.

2 Cons. Reg., Art. 49. Maritime Code of Finland, Art. 6.

3 See Part I., Chapter XI. 4 Cons. Reg., Art. 50.

6 Cons. Reg., Art. 52.

§ 201.

duty to
observe local

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