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DUTIES OF SAILORS. P. vi., Сн. iv.

The duties of a master’s mate are principally—(i) to direct the
course of the vessel; (2) to fulfil with precision the instructions of
the captain, to give him every assistance, and in his absence from
the vessel to act as his deputy ; (3) to maintain order among the
crew, to prevent quarrels and fights among them, to cause them to
fulfil their duties and to take care that they are supplied with sufficient
food of good quality ; (4) to see to the proper cleaning of the holds
for the cargo ; (5) to arrange for the speedy loading and stowing of
the cargo ; (6) to keep an exact and accurate account of all goods
loaded, with marks and numbers of the parcels or packages of goods
taken on board, and showing the disposition of the goods ; (7) to give
receipts for goods loaded on board the ship to the merchants or their
representatives and also inventories of the cargo ; (8) to keep the
ship’s log-book and also a record of the goods received on board ;
and (9) to see that the goods receive no damage while on board.1

The chief mate of a ship is subordinate to the captain only, and
at no time during the voyage may he be absent from the ship at the
same time as the captain, except in cases of urgent necessity.2

The carpenter, like the rest of the crew, is subordinate to the
captain, to his mate, and to the boatswain. His duties are to see
that the vessel is staunch and seaworthy ; that the decks, bulwarks,
and all other portions are well caulked and free from leaks ; that
the pumps are in good order ; that the barrels of the pumps are suitably
covered with leather ; and that all the accessories to them are in
good order. Before the ship sails from a port, the carpenter must,
if required, examine the masts, spars, rudder, and capstan, and make
sure that they are in good order and sound condition, and inform the
captain to that effect. As soon as the vessel is loaded, he must close
up the hatchways and cover them with tarpaulins.3

The Maritime Code of Finland contains the following regulation
relating to the duties of sailors :—Every member of the crew, and
every other person employed on board of the vessel and not, properly
speaking, counted as a sailor, is obliged to obey the orders of the captain.
A seaman may not, under any pretext, leave a task to which he has
been appointed, whatever the hour of the day or whether it be
workday or holiday; he must apply all the assiduity requisite to preserve
the ship and cargo whether at sea or in port. At the same time, the
crew may not, without imperative necessity, be subjected to excessive
work. If any damage be caused by the act or neglect of a seaman,
he must be held responsible for same. The above rules apply equally
to the pilot (chief officer). His special duties consist in navigating
the vessel under the control of the captain, attending to the safety
of the cargo, and controlling the loading and discharging of same ;
in ascertaining the good condition and strength of the tackle, apparel
and furniture of the ship, and in commanding her in the captain’s

1 Trade Reg., Art. 270. 2 Ibid., Art. 271. 3 Ibid., Art. 272.

4 Maritime Code of Finland, Art. 61.

■§ 207.

§ 207.

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