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P. vi., Ch. v.-

Crew list.

§ 215.
Voyages of

Essentials of
crew lists.

wage books.

master of the ship, and to make good from their wages any loss or
damage which may result from their negligence.1

The Maritime Code of Finland contains similar provisions.
According to Art. 57, the agreement with the crew of a Finnish vessel
proceeding abroad must contain all the stipulations as to the work and
wages of each particular man. This agreement must be examined
and ratified by the competent local authority (by a Russian Consular
Officer abroad), and recorded in the ship’s articles. Every member
of the crew, however, is entitled to receive a special book, in which
the wages paid or due to him are inscribed.

Speaking generally, it is desirable that the muster-roll (crew
list) of the ship should contain the most detailed possible statement
of all the stipulations agreed to by the captain and the crew, especially
those relating to fines for damages caused by sailors to the ship or for
disobedience or misconduct. This will greatly assist the Consular
Officer in deciding disputes regarding such matters. Experience
teaches that disputes and misunderstandings between captains and
theii crews arise more frequently when the agreement between them
is couched in general terms than when it contains specific stipulations.

If a Russian merchant vessel proceeds on a voyage of indefinite
duration, as is frequently the case, the master must agree with his
crew to pay them a monthly wage, and the agreement must be recorded
in the crew list. By a voyage of indefinite duration is meant one in
which the vessel, after discharging at a given port, takes another
cargo there to be delivered at a third port, &c.2

In order that a contract between the master of a ship and his
officers and crew shall be binding it is necessary :—

1. That all parties sign a written or printed agreement drawn
up in duplicate, in accordance with the above-mentioned Art. 245
of the Trades Regulations. Of these copies, one remains in the
possession of the master and the other is entrusted by the crew, according
to their own choice, to any independent person.

2. That the captain pay the crew an advance of wages and
accommodate them on board of the vessel.

3. That the crew-list be produced in the proper manner to the
legally constituted authorities.3

Owners and masters of Russian coasting vessels, the " Russian
Society for Steam Navigation and Trade," the Murman-Archangel
regular steamship line and, with the special permission of the chief
head of the Central Board for Commercial Shipping and Ports, the
other steam shipping companies whose capital is divided into shares,
are permitted either to conclude agreements with their crews in writing,
according to the aforesaid Art. 245 of the Trade Regulation, or to issue
wage books to their crews duly signed by them, and embodying the
conditions stated in that Article.4

All payments, fines and deductions from the wages of members
of the crew must be entered in the wage sheets. I11 addition, the
owner or captain must keep a separate book in which to record all

§§ 214, 215,
216, 217.

1 Trade Reg., Art. 245.
3 Ibid., Art. 247.

2 Ibid., Art. 246.
4 Ibid., Art. 248.

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