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(1916) Author: Alfons Heyking - Tema: Russia
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double the amount that is necessary to send the man home. The
same fine is inflicted on any captain neglecting, on the sale of his
vessel at a foreign port, to send those of his crew who are Russian
subjects and who signed articles in Russia, back to that country at
the owner’s expense, and to pay them their wages in full up to the
time of their presumptive arrival at their destination, unless the
men themselves express their desire, before the local Russian Consul,
to join another Russian ship.

Art. 1242.—The master of a Russian vessel who without good
reason neglects to remove the bilge or other waste water from his
ship, or neglects to employ pilots where necessary, or, employing
them, does not obey their instructions or advice, or, when the vessel
is in port, permits more than one-half of the crew to be on shore at
a time, or neglects to appoint a sufficient watch, or to see that the
crew perform their allotted tasks, or fails to take the necessary
precautions against fire, or is guilty of carelessness or negligence resulting
in damage or accident to the vessel, her tackle, apparel, and furniture,
or to the cargo, is liable for the first offence to a severe reprimand,
and, for the second, to the suspension of his certificate for a period
of from two to three years, in addition to making good whatever loss
or damage may have resulted from such carelessness or negligence.

Art. 1245.—Any captain of a Russian ship refusing, without
adequate reason, to pay the wages due to members of the crew, or
refusing to discharge them, or to give certificates of discharge to
those entitled to them, is liable, in addition to the obligation to
compensate and reimburse them for losses they may incur through
the delay, to a fine not exceeding 10 roubles.

Art. 1252.—A chief officer (first mate) of a vessel failing in the
proper performance of his duties, or neglecting to keep the other
members of the crew in order, is liable, according to the gravity of
the offence, to a fine not exceeding the amount of one month’s wages,
and may, in addition, be compelled to make good his share of any
damage done to the ship, her tackle, apparel or furniture, or to the

Art. 1253.—The chief officer (first mate) of a Russian vessel
neglecting to post the ship’s log-book in a proper manner, whether
in harbour or on the high seas, is liable to a fine not exceeding 25

Art. 1259.—Any member of the crew whose duty it is to measure
the water in the ship’s hold, and take the necessary steps to have
it baled out, will be liable, for neglecting these duties, to a fine
equivalent to not exceeding two days’ wages. He is also liable, in
addition to making good any damage which may have resulted through
his negligence, to four to eight months’ imprisonment.

Art. 1260.—Members of the crew who are slow or inefficient in
the performance of their duties, and thereby endanger the safety of
the vessel or cargo, are liable to a fine not exceeding the amount of
one month’s wages.

§ 243.
on the part
oi the

§ 244.
Refusal of
the captain
to discharge
seamen or
to give them

§ 245.
Neglect of
duties by
chief officer.

Neglect of

§ 247.
baling the ship.

§ 248. [-Endangering-]
ing+} safety
of vessel.
§§ 243, 244,
245, 246,
247, 248.

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