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(1916) Author: Alfons Heyking - Tema: Russia
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§ 249. [-Insubordination.-]

§ 250. [-Malingering.-]


§ 252.

§ 253.
Use oi ship’s
without permission.

§ 254.

§ 255.
on board

§§ 249, 250,
251, 252,
253, 254,

Art. 1261.—For insubordination or disobedience to the captain
while at sea seamen are liable if the case is more serious to be punished
with imprisonment from seven days to three months.

Art. 1266.—Malingering or hiding with the intention of evading
the duties of the watch, or falling asleep, or being drunk while on
duty, is punishable by a fine equivalent to one day’s pay, which is
made over to the men performing the offender’s duty.

Art. 1270.—Any member of the crew of a Russian vessel
absenting himself from his ship without the knowledge or consent of the
master, mate or boatswain for a day or night, is liable to forfeit two
full days’ pay for the benefit of the person or persons performing his
duties in his absence, and to make good any damages that may result
to the ship or cargo.

Art. 1271.—A member of the crew of a Russian vessel deserting
or refusing to sail with her is liable, after three days have elapsed
from the time of such desertion or refusal, to forfeit the whole of the
wages due to him and all personal property he may have on board
for the benefit of the captain of the ship. If the desertion occurs
abroad and the master is obliged to engage another man in the deserter’s
place, the latter is liable for all extra payments that may be necessary
in consequence. He may, further, at the instance of the master, be
prosecuted for such desertion or disobedience to orders, and, if
convicted, will be liable to imprisonment for from seven days to three
weeks for disobedience, and from two to four months for desertion.

Art. 1273.—Any seaman employed on board a Russian vessel
who, without permission of the ship’s officers, shall use the ship’s
boats, is liable to a fine equivalent to one week’s wages for the first
offence and two weeks’ wages for the second.

x\rt. 1274.—Any member of the crew of a Russian vessel detected
gambling with cards or dice while on board is liable to forfeit one
day’s pay for the first offence, two days’ pay for the second, and three
days’ pay for the third offence.

The graver crimes or misdemeanours, defined in Part V.,
Chapter XIII., Section viii. of the Russian Penal Code, if committed
on the high seas, can only be dealt with by the tribunals of the Empire.
These are—Endangering the safety of the ship (Svod Zakonov,
Vol. XV. Ed. 1885, Art. 1203, 1221, 1222, 1257, 1258) ; hindering
the rescue of shipwrecked sailors (Art. 1207) ; failing to assist the rescue
of drowning sailors, except if the rescuer would have been in danger
of losing his own life in the attempt (Art. 1208) ; robbery, or the
appropriation or concealment of property belonging to shipwrecked
vessels (Art. 1210) ; engaging men without properly written
agreements (Art. 1213) ; altering the name of the ship without authority
to do so (Art. 1214) ; selling the ship abroad without the knowledge
and consent of the local Russian Consul, or failing to hand the ship’s
papers over to him (Art. 1216) ; sailing with a false flag-patent or
procuring a flag-patent by fraud or forgery (Art. 1217) ; desertion of
the ship by the captain (Arts. 1223, 1224, 1225) ; neglect by the
captain of the necessary precautions for the safety of the ship or cargo
(Art. 1227) ; withdrawing the ship without permission from the

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