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P. vi., Сн. xi.

to do so, unless a special agreement has been made as to the time
when his services commence. If he fails to report himself at the
time fixed, or if, after having entered upon his duties, he absent
himself from the vessel without having previously obtained permission
to do so from the master, or if he prolong his absence beyond the
leave granted him, he is liable to be brought on board at his own
expense and fined from 5 to 50 Finnish marks. The same applies
to any seaman who contracts a second engagement before the first
one is terminated.1

A sailor convicted of deserting his vessel is liable to six months’
imprisonment. If he return of his own free will, or if other
extenuating circumstances are admitted, the punishment inflicted is a fine
of 20 to 100 marks, or one to three months’ imprisonment. If he
leave the vessel on her being shipwrecked, or at any other time of
danger, without having done his duty in attempting to save lives or
goods, he is liable to a fine of 50 to 200 marks, or to twelve months’

CHAPTER XII.—Dismissal of Captains.

vState and Elective Consular Officers must take notice of any
complaints made by passengers against the captains or the crews of Russian
vessels, and report such complaints : Elective Consular Officers to
the State Consuls to whom they are subordinate, State Consuls to the
Central Board for Commercial Shipping and Ports. Captains must
also be reported if, though misconduct, carelessness, or ignorance,
they endanger the safety of the crew of the vessel or any commercial
interests entrusted to their charge.3

It is the Consul’s duty to prevent and check all oppression of
sailors on the part of the captains. He may cancel a contract between
the captain and his officers or men on account of ill-treatment,
insufficiency of food, or for any other valid reason. Should a captain
behave in such a manner as to render it impossible for him to be allowed
to continue in command of a ship, the Consul may dismiss him and
replace him by a person worthy of confidence. The appointment
must be made agreeably to the wishes of the correspondent or the
authorised agent of the owner, if there happens to be one on the spot.
It is only when there is no such agent on the spot, and when there is
no possibility of consulting the owner by letter or wire, the
circumstances of the case not admitting of delay, that the State Consul is
authorised to dismiss and replace the captain on his own initiative.
Elective Consuls must report to the State Consuls of their district,
who inform the owner of the ship and the Section for
Commercial Shipping of the reason which induced him to change

1 Maritime Code of Finland, Art. 58. 2 Ibid., Art. 66.

3 Cons. Reg., Art. 102.


§ 289.
of Captains.

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