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CHAPTER XIII.—Invalid Sailors.

If it is necessary to land a person from a merchant vessel on account
of sickness, the captain must request the permission of the Consul
to do so, and must deposit at the Consulate a sum of money, the
amount of which is determined by the Consul, to defray the expenses
of the treatment of the patient and eventually to pay for his return
to Russia, or, in the event of death, to cover the cost of his funeral.
Instead of a deposit the captain may, with the Consul’s assent, give
security, the sick person having paid the security, and undertaking,
in writing, to pay the above-mentioned expenses.1 In case of violation
of these rules, the Elective Consul must draw up an official report of
the case and send it to his State Consul, and the latter forwards it
to the Central Board of Commercial Shipping and Ports. The Consular
Officer must provide for the wants of the invalid when left behind
and the Section of Commercial Shipping will refund him his outlay
unless, in case of death, the effects left by deceased suffice to
defray the expenses incurred.2 On the recovery of the invalid the
Consul must send him to Russia, unless he wants to take a situation
on board a ship at a local port.

As to the amount of expenses to be paid by the captain for the
invalid sailor, and the sum to be deposited at the Consulate, the
Consular Officer should take into account the special circumstances
of each case and comply with the following rules :—

If one of the crew of a Russian merchant vessel is injured in the
performance of his duties he is entitled to claim from the captain
not only the expenses of the treatment and care he has required, but
also all expenses that may be caused by the injury, and if, through
it, he is unable to continue his voyage in his ship, the captain must
pay his travelling expenses to the place from which he was shipped,
all these expenses being paid on behalf of the owner of the ship.3 If
one of the crew of a Russian merchant vessel is taken ill, and, in
consequence of his inability to continue the voyage, is left by the captain
ashore, all his wages up to the end of the time fixed by his agreement
with the captain must be paid by him.4 If one of the crew of a Russian
merchant vessel loses a limb during the performance of his duties, the
captain of the ship, in addition to paying for proper treatment, must
pay him, on behalf of the owner of the ship, double the wages agreed
upon. If, however, one of the crew of a Russian merchant vessel is
crippled while in a state of intoxication, or in an unlawful fight, or is
rendered incapable of fulfilling his duties on the ship as a result of
his own dissolute conduct, he loses his wages, and the captain is
entitled to retain them, so as to be able to take another man in his place.
If such a thing happen in a foreign country the captain is bound to send
the man back to Russia.5

Sailors who are suffering from venereal diseases cannot claim to be
looked after by Russian Consular Officers at the expense of the Russian

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