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State Exchequer. Russian shipping regulations prescribe that the
captain is not liable to provide his men with means for being cured
from such diseases, and Russian Consular Officers are in the same
position as captains in this respect. Venereal diseases are contracted
through the fault of the sufferer, and it would be equal to encouraging
immoral and objectionable actions to supply persons who act in this
way with funds for helping them to overcome the consequences of
their faulty acts. Therefore, persons suffering from venereal diseases
must be left to their own resources.

The Maritime Code of Finland of the year 1874 contains the
following provisions about invalid sailors serving on board of Finnish vessels :
If a seaman fall ill or be injured while serving on board a vessel, he
is entitled to his wages, and to maintenance, attention and medicine
for so long as he remains on board. If the captain is compelled to
have him transferred ashore, and if it be in a foreign country, he
must place him under the protection of the Consul, or, where there
is no Consul, in the care of a reliable person, and, whether it be in
Finland or abroad, he must pay all the expenses of the illness during
a period of not more than two months, besides the wages due to the
sailor. If the sailor has brought his sickness upon himself by his
own fault, he receives pay for the time of his effective service, but
is not entitled to any expenses for medical treatment and attendance
after he leaves the ship. If he is not in a position to pay his own
expenses, the captain must advance the amount requisite for a month’s
treatment, which sum the sailor will be required to refund.1 The
cost of the return journey of a sailor who has been prevented by
illness from accompanying his vessel to the port or place of his signing
on are to be borne by the owner. In any case in which an opportunity
occurs of transferring the sailor to another vessel going to his own
country, whereby he may return there, he is not entitled to refuse to
accept employment of the same nature as that which he fulfilled
before. Should the rate of wages paid be lower than he received
in the first instance, the owner must make up the difference. The
owner is, however, not under the same obligation if the sailor has
been dismissed for misconduct or through illness which he has brought
upon himself, or if he demand his discharge for the purpose of improving
his position, or of getting married.2

The captain of a Finnish vessel returning to Finland may not
refuse to take on board, provided a reasonable charge be paid, any
invalid Finnish or Russian sailors who have been left behind in a
foreign country. Any captain refusing to do so without lawful excuse
is liable to a fine of 100 to 300 marks.3

Elective Consular Officers must forward to the State Consul to
whom they are subordinate an inventory in duplicate of the effects
of any invalid sailor left in their charge or sent home by them, and
the account of their expenses for treatment, with the vouchers for
the same, using the form given in Chap. XVI., " Repatriation of
Seamen."4 If he received a deposit of money from the captain, he

1 Maritime Code of Finland, Art. 75. 2 Ibid., Art. 77.

3 Ibid., Art. 78. 4 Cons. Reg., Art. 71.

§§ 294, 295.


§ 295.
Effects oi
and crippled

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