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258 DEATH, REMOVAL, &c., OF CAPTAIN. P. vi., Сн. xv.

§ 299.
of ship’s
provisions, &c.,
«fee., on

§ 300.
Removal of
captain by


The Consul must make an inventory of the deceased’s effects and
take a note of all funds belonging to the owners of the ship. He must
make a list of the ship’s books and seal them up, together with the
deceased’s effects. These he then delivers to the new captain, in
exchange for a receipt, as in the case of the death of a sailor on board
ship. He must also inform the owner or his agent of the appointment
of a new captain.1

If the owner, or owners, of a ship sailing under the Russian flag
desire to remove the captain from his post and to appoint a new
one in his place, the latter must produce a written appointment by
the owners, duly legalised by a Notary Public. The former master
and the one appointed in place of him must draw up an inventory
of all the goods, tackle, apparel and furniture transferred with the
ship, to which their signatures, duly legalised by the Consul, must
be attached. A copy of this document must be sent by the Consul
to the Section of Commercial Shipping if the ship is Russian, and to
the Governor-General of Finland if she belongs to Finland. If the
retiring captain has not the means to enable him to return to Russia,
the Consul must arrange for his repatriation, sending the vouchers for
his outlay to the Section of Commercial Shipping, or to the
Governor-General of Finland, as the case may be.

Elective Consular Officers must report such cases to the State
Consuls to whom they are subordinate.

It is open to a captain who has been relieved of his post at the
request of the owners to bring a claim for compensation against
the owners, either in Russia or Finland, if, in his opinion, his
dismissal took place without adequate reason, or was not justified by
any fault, or error, or misconduct on his part.

The Finnish Maritime Code contains the following regulations as
to dismissal or change of masters :—

If the captain is forced by circumstances to resign his command
of the vessel, the wages and other emoluments due to him for the
time during which he was in command must be paid to him, or, in
his absence, to the person who is lawfully entitled to receive them.
In such case, a part of the gratuities and wages stipulated for the
voyage is paid, proportionate to the distance traversed, as compared
with the total length of the voyage.

If he be deprived of his post without having in any way failed
in his duty, or if he is compelled to resign his command in consequence
of war, shipwreck, or other calamity, or by reason of a sickness
contracted through no fault of his own, he is entitled, in addition to the
wages and emoluments mentioned above, to be sent home at the
expense of the owners of the ship, and also, if sick, to receive medical
treatment on shore, during a period not exceeding one month.

The owners of a Finnish ship are entitled to relieve the captain
of such vessel of his duties if they consider that he is no longer
deserving of their confidence. If the captain is, at the same time, owner
to the extent of one-half or more of the shares in the vessel he
commands, the objection of his co-partners to his retaining such command

§§ 299, 300,


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